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Can you tell me the shortcomings of my Fiverr account?

I’m a new seller to Fiverr.
Can you help me and tell me the shortcomings of my Fiverr Profile?
That’s because I want to make up for those shortcomings and move on to Fiverr.


I haven’t looked at each of your gigs but two things in your profile description stood out. This is my own picky opinion from a buyer POV. “Have a nice day!!!” would typically go at the end, not at the beginning. I would remove “Creating the things you want is more my hobby here than a job.” It would put me off spending money on a gig without any track record. Again, that’s just my opinion. There are very talented hobbyists.


Thank You so much :pray: :pray: :pray:

In “create social media post design for facebook and instagram” there’s a spelling mistake in the main gig image.

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Thank You so much
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