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Can you tell me what goes wrong with this title?

I am looking for an expert opinion. I just open this ( ) Gig couple of hours ago but I can’t find my gigs on search. I would really love it if you can share your thoughts about this gig? Ciao.

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Maybe use a different word than “explore” in “I will explore valid emails…”. Also be careful of saying you’ll scrape info from LinkedIn since I think scraping data from it is against LinkedIn’s terms of use (edit: user agreement).


to be honest i used that word to be unique from others. i dont know why. cause the term “targeted valid emails” sounds all the place. can i edit my account now to remove the scrape word? will it be harmful for my gig?


Yes you can edit the gig/gig description/faq (whenever an edit is done it’s checked and temporarily removed from the search index until it has been checked by Fiverr I think, and once it’s back in search the rank may be different). I think someone got their gig denied because they’d said “I will scrape data from LinkedIn” or something like that.


yeah yeah i saw that 3rd party violation massage though but i didnt noticed carefully. then i have to edit this. will it make major change if i edit it right now? cause i just opened my gig 4 hours back.

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If you’re going to change the title anyway there’s probably no harm in changing the gig description too. It’s better to change it than to get the gig removed later if it says something against a user agreement/terms of use. Yes the rank might go up or down after it’s re-indexed after the change is checked.

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can i delete this gig and publish it again with same information?

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As long as what is said in the gig doesn’t violate any rules (like user agreements/terms of use/terms of service) and as long as it a service that is allowed in Fiverr’s marketplace.

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sounds good then. but can i use same information for reopen a gig after delete this. cause i dont wanna take any risk in that matter. cause if something goes wrong then fiverr wont give me hash lol.

I don’t see why you’d show exactly the same info in the new gig if you are deleting the gig because of what (the info) it currently shows. I don’t see why it would reduce the risk if you add in exactly the same info. But if you mean to omit the scrape info maybe it would help by recreating the gig instead of amending it, I don’t know. What it would do by creating a new gig for it is to allow you to change the URL, since currently if you kept the current gig you wouldn’t be able to change the word “explore” in the URL even if you changed it in the title.

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if i choose different title then?

As long as it follows all Fiverr and other site’s rules it will be okay.

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It takes 72 hours approximately to rank on search.

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Thank you so much for your valuable information. i really appreciate your time.

Ohh sounds alright. Thanks for this information.


be patient .It takes almost 72 hours to rank on search

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Hey, Hope youre doing well. Check Out my updated gig. :slightly_smiling_face:

Because your gig is still fresh that’s why you can’t find your gig on search yet. Your next step is to optimise it now. Good luck!

I deleted my previous gig yesterday. i open an new gig half an hour ago. hope it will goes all the way this time. Thanks anyway.

It still says you get data from linked-in and it still says you scrape data so there’s still a bit of a risk but since you don’t directly say you’ll scrape data from linked-in maybe it will be okay.

In the FAQ:
Instead of saying “Do I need to cost extra for” you could say “Does it cost extra for” or “Will it cost extra for”

Also it says “you will get 24/7 support from us” - maybe take that out since you might not be available 24 hours a day (eg. your avg response time is 8 hours).

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