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Can you tell us how you got your 1st order?

I am new here and struggling to get my first order but wanted to see how others got their very first order. What did you do to achieve it?
This will surely motivate me and show me a path!

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I got my first order in almost 2 months of creating my gig. With tons of offers sent to buyers requests.
I hope you get yours sooner.


I don’t know how, but a buyer came directly to my inbox, stated his requirements and asked me if I can do his project. I gave him my best, later he placed two more orders.
Till now, I’ve sent around 50 offers to buyer requests, but no response from that side.

I wish you’ll get yours soon.


what services do you offer and do you still get orders?

My situation is almost same to you

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that’s sad :frowning: , but keep trying buddy

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I hope you will get order very soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t have any ongoing order now but I’ve buyers that have messaged me after sending an offer on their request and some of them are preparing the requirements to start the order.
I provide whiteboard animation, 2D animated explainer videos, YouTube thumbnail designs and YouTube intro&outros.