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Can you use same samples in different gigs?

Hello, let’s say Im graphic designer and I have “create logo gig” and “create any graphic gig”, can I use same samples for those two gigs? Thanks

If you are using same samples you are maybe offering the same thing? You should check if the offer is the same, but using same samples for a completely different offers should be ok, TOS are against using same offer, not against using same samples, in my opinion.

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Hi. You probably can, like audioboon said, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Imagine you’re a buyer looking at your profile and see those two gigs with the same samples on the “any graphic” gig and the “logo” gig. More, respectively different samples might inspire more trust in your abilities/versatility. Would you rather choose a seller that has the same sample on those 2 gigs or one who has different samples? When I’m looking to buy a gig, I usually check out the seller’s profile/other gigs and would notice, so I guess others would too.