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Canadian Based Builder - Not Getting Gigs

Hey guys,

Hope everyone’s doing well. I run a digital agency out of Toronto and have been mainly doing work for local clients and haven’t really stepped into the Fiverr space until now. I do all of my work myself, we rarely ever outsource our work, as I believe my work represents my creative ideas, and I do not like it when someone else represents that for me.

I set up a couple gigs, and haven’t gotten much traction at all. Any tips or suggestions at all what I could possibly be doing wrong, or maybe missing. I made a minute long video showcasing some of the work as well, but my current problem is getting Impression → Clicks.

Moreover, if anyone wants to provide any constructive feedback, more than welcome, looking forward to hearing.

Thanks FIverr Fam!


Hey there!

I will link you to some potentially helpful posts in a moment! These should help you get kickstarted as well as understand a little more about Fiverr and what aspects are important for sales here, as compared to in-person/locally. I will suggest looking into which social media platforms (if you haven’t already) to expand your ideas and services to…this could even apply/link up with your local services if they are similar, or the same!! While you may not need it there as much, the Internet community is much more particular than Our Communities, as there’s ten-fold competition. So think of a way to stand out!

Secondly, an extremely important aspect of online marketing is identifying your “niche”. If you are unfamiliar with this term, it basically means the main topic(s) of the content you create. Some examples of niches here on Fiverr are Writing and Graphic Design, which have subcategories as well! Best to be as specific as you can with your niche(s) to ensure you are marketing to and connecting with the proper people seeking your type of service.

It’s good you have another income, as Fiverr can sometimes take a while to take off for individuals…I’m sure you are no stranger to some hard work :blush: I’ll try to locate your profile and see if I can give you any tips from there, as well as link you to those other helpful forum threads in my next post!

Best of luck, Taz


Thank you very much for your detailed response, it goes a long way.

Absolutely, I have been in this industry for roughly 5 years now and without a doubt niche is everything. I mainly focus on Website Creation alongside everything that goes into making a website run, and attract traffic. I guess I will be more specific with my niche, only thing is we cover so much in terms of what we do, I do not want to miss out on opportunity. I appreciate your tips, I have been initiating those initiatives as well and waiting for some traction, I have not invested money into that part, but social media growth always helps, for sure.

Like you said, hard work made it all happen. Roughly how long can it take until you start getting some traction on here?

Here is the link to my Gig, it weird it won’t attach to my Forum profile: Design your website, setup hosting, seo and register domain by Siz_digital | Fiverr

Once again, really grateful that this community has people like you. Thanks for taking the time out.

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To be transparent with you, I am still quite the newbie here myself! I have engaged like crazy in the forum and have my nose in research articles every single day…so I feel confident enough to share some of the things I have learned with others just starting out.

As far as your niche, I think Website Content/Creation is perfectly fine in terms of being concise. If you have other more “specific” services or talents in this industry, you could always compile a gig and just see how it goes! The main benefit I have found with specificity/ uniqueness of a gig is simply lowering some of the competition from others who “do it all!”. This way, if you have a gig specific to maybeee teaching some basic coding skills to baby sites who want to learn on their own, this could potentially separate you from the competition, who doesn’t offer such a specific service. I am trialing this on my own as well in the Creative Writing and Printables niches, but like in everything you have to find a balance. It’s annoying, but you can’t be too specific or too unique in the way that it complicates things for the buyer. Does this make sense?

From what I’ve seen the answer to who gets conversions and when is really…difficult. It depends on a lot of different factors including your niche market, the look/sound of your gigs and profile, SEO or specific keywords that are proven to attract traffic…as well as Fiverr’s new algorithm that gives newer accounts a greater fighting chance with fair gig rotations (i.e. some newbies have found themselves in the first few pages with no orders or reviews, whilst a lot of top sellers lately have gone in a panic finding themselves on the last page…it’s all about Fiverr’s new algorithm)

Thanks for linking your gig! For some strange reason when I searched your name no results. Firstly, I will say that I noticed you have two gigs for essentially the exact same listing. From what I have seen, this is never really helpful. In actuality, it can stunt traffic from reaching your gigs! My suggestion for this is either taking one down, or brainstorming on what other type of service you may have the know-how to offer in your niche (as discussed above) and replacing one!

Secondly, I realize the intent of your gig name, you want people to know everything you can do…but sometimes this is better left for your gig description! If you could think of something more concise that still covers majority of your skill set (i.e.I will Register and Design you Website with Effective SEO). You are offering SEO services to your customers, so you know their importance! Try to think outside of the box a bit with your keywords, think about how YOU would type when searching for this type of service. I personally would definitely like to know the SEO would be effective, and I really like that you go in depth about registering domain and such, so that may be an important aspect to stay. BUT (a big but!) I am admittedly not in this niche and have not done niche-specific research here. Use discretion with this advice, I definitely think the title could use improvement in some way, but maybe you have a better idea!

Final comment on your gigs, I think it is excellent you were able to include a video. I hear this is an extremely helpful way to bring traffic to your gig and essentially “smiled upon” by Fiverr. If have one myself if I felt it was in any way relevant to my services…or if I could even create one :joy: great bio and descriptions! Also, it may be against Forum rules to post your gig or profile on your profile…I will link Forum Rules to you at the end of this post, as far as I know the only place you can post your gigs is My Fiverr Experience > My Fiverr Gigs and only if you created the post…hence you may wanna move this thread, I think you have it in >Improve My Gig which is close enough imo, but may raise a red flag to moderators! Make certain to also review Fiverr ToS in depth if you haven’t…there are a lot of stipulations.

OH! And another touch on the traction, from my personal experience. I have had my gigs up on Fiverr for approximately two weeks and am up to 147 impressions and 6 clicks, with one inquiry (unfortunately not a conversion yet) on my Poetry Writing gig…I hear this is pretty great progress, so potentially something to give you an idea. Currently working on a blog in order to hopefully bring in outside traffic.

Here are some helpful links for you :slightly_smiling_face:


This one is very elaborate so be ready to read for this one. The author also has specific points categorized in a very helpful way if you don’t feel you need to read through every single tip!

And a couple more I have found helpful!

Best wishes, Taz!

How can I forget! I mentioned above about Fiverr’s “new” algorithm. You can read up on this theory on this post…definitely wouldn’t skip this one, sooo helpful in being in touch/having as much control as possible with what’s going on in the inner-workings of Fiverr.

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A problem is that the 2 gigs seem to be basically the same.

“I will design your website, setup hosting, SEO and register domain” has the same gig description as
“I will design your website, set up hosting, SEO and register domain”.

The gig titles seem about the same apart from “setup” vs “set up” and I’m assuming the gig videos are the same. Though the prices/packages are different.

Gig duplicates aren’t allowed so I’d make sure any gigs are different enough.