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Canadians: is this legal?


I received an order this morning on my editing gig.

This person was trying to transfer their driver’s license from one province to another. They sent me four pictures and said the department wanted the original documents. They requested that I type them up and format them, so they look original (using the low-quality pictures of the papers).

I canceled the order instantly, one, because I didn’t know if it was even allowed and, two, because that’s not the type of work I do.

Wouldn’t that be like falsifying/altering official paperwork? In the United States, that’s not legal. Who knows about those silly Canadians, though. I guess you’re all so friendly and honest, it might be okay :smile:


I had canceled Photoshop orders to create Italian IDs, French IDs, Dollar Bills, Euro Bills… ordered by the client “Just for fun”… even had once someone who wanted an Adolf H. poster…
You find all kind of fauna here nowadays…


The sad thing is I bet there are plenty of sellers here that will actually make them just to get a buck.




I’m not a Canadian, but I doubt that forgery is legal in any country.


The stupid thing is its easy as pie to assume a new identity if you want to. Amature crooks just make crime look needlessly theatrical.

No this isn’t legal. The good news, however, is that all you have really done by canceling this order is expedited how fast the next illegal immigrant or serial killer in Canada is going to end up with egg on their face.


no it is not legal to alter government ID.

I am answering this as a Canadian. Something most people above are not.

Are they too lazy or stupid that they can’t do the paperwork?


oh ! its happening in Canada As well