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Cancel $600 Order or Take The Plunge?


A very relaxed rant. More of a contemplation and to feel out what others would do.

A new client ordered a novel from me and the money on that novel is $600 (not small money to scoff at). Usually clients contact me before placing such large order and I would work them through ordering at 10k word milestones because as a teacher, sometimes things come up that make it hard for me to write. This week and next week will be conferencing at work and will make writing difficult. The gig order is due next week Thursday. Now I am faced with the dilemma of cutting monetary and time loss and cancel the gig just to save my on-time delivery. I am coming from a 62% on-time delivery (because my clients usually don’t care as long as they get quality work) and now it’s 86% since January 14th. My completion rate is 97% so I think I can manage to lose on this metric.
My dilemma is, do I lose that $600 just to keep my level? (I was level 2 before and lost a level already). If I lose level, will this affect the way potential buyers view me and alter buyer activity on my gig? So confused in what to do. I’ve asked the buyer for an extension that I am hoping they will grant. Buyer has not been spotted for 2 weeks though so I hope they get online before the due date.

What would you do?


Send a time extension request, I think that would be best, explain to the client that you will need some extra time.


Contact buyer and explain him.
Ask for few more days.
Don’t cancel.


A client just closed out an on-time order and the percentage did not move. This rating thing is just stressing me out.


Are they paying $600 for 10K words or is 10K the “milestone”?


10k is the milestone I would have broken down the order in. 5x10k words


For $600?

…my recommendation is to raise your prices.


Thanks but I am good for now. I edit my prices regularly. If I am completely free at the time I will drop the price to this. I usually write that in a week, far more than my teaching job pays per week. I don’t take much time to write either and the currency evens out here.


I raise my prices when I gain level and trustworthiness. It’s currently now at $700, still low I know but I’ll continue with it for now.


I have bad experience with revisions where the on-time percentage doesn’t drop but it doesn’t go up either. It remains the same. I delivered an order 1 hour before the due time yesterday and the seller approved it today, and it didn’t mark up my on-time delivery status.


The fact that we have to even think like this is sad.

My advice would be to ask the buyer if they would be willing to extend.


I’m pretty sure this would be considered an abuse of the delivery system. Making an incomplete delivery in order to extend the clock is against TOS.


Yes, seems like the revision only allows a very short time (24 hrs if I’m correct).
At least it avoid cancellation due to very late delivery.
Hopefully your client will show up in time to accept your time extension request.


I take your advice for not using it. Will use the the time extension request instead.
Thank you Mike. Post edited.


If you can’t do it on time you need to cancel it.

You can send an offer for $600 with a longer delivery time.


When canceling, the buyer will have to agree, right? What if they don’t agree to cancel?


Then you can have customer support cancel it.

Send a message to the buyer letting them know you can do it with a much longer delivery time and then send a custom offer. Send that at the same time you send the request to cancel.

You can also take off 5 percent on the offer to sweeten the deal, $30.