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Cancel a "completed" gig


I got a gig delivered, but the designer didnt update the gig as required after. the gig was terrible but fiverr says its completed and there is no option to cancel the request. Now I cant find a contact for Fiverr.

How do I proceed to get the gig cancelled.

If a gig isn’t really complete, the buyer should, of course, click the modification button until it is entirely complete. You can reach Customer Support through a ticket, but they may want to know why you didn’t ask for modification or cancellation before the gig was marked complete.

I have had sellers do that to me also. They have marked complete just as a reply to a message then will not reply after that. Just scammers

sellers can’t mark something complete. that happens when the buyer marks it complete or after three days.

you have three days to check and out and hit modification if you don’t like it and keep the order open. After that you have to contact support by clicking on help in the top left corner. If you send in a request or ticket, they are normally helpful in resolving issues.

I had almost the same, executed the order and sent a report, later learned that the customer canceled the order without my knowledge for one hour as possible?

I posted a question to the support and they said that will solve the problem, well, at least I hope so

And on the same day the buyer withdrew from fiverr