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Cancel a Order Bring you down as Rocket Speed


its been 3 years i am working in fiverr and in this 3 days fiverr update them as much as possible. The last update i like it. but there few problem that fiverr did not notice.

What was the new Update-

The new update is fiverr provide few standards and you have to Maintain these standards to remain your level at same position and level update.

Now The Problem-

5 days ago I see my Order Completion Rate was 95% and then that day I had to cancel an order. then they immediately bring my percentage to 90%

Then I complete 2 more order but they did not level up my percentage and its remain same 90%.

Now today i see its 89% and they give me a red signal

Question is- when you cancel an order fiverr bring you down at rocket speed but when you do good in business then they bring you up at no speed.

In Fiverr every seller experience that- there was few client who explores Fiverr and places an order by mistake and they ask for a refund.

now, what happened when we refund it? when we refund it then Fiverr bring us down at rocket speed?

Don’t you guys think that Fiverr should have to look at these issues? also, their analytics system has lot of bugs.


Thanks for your topic. I agree with you, Fiverr should improve this…


This is the thing i hate the most and it should not be like this, like if a client makes an order by mistake or he does not understands the gig and then asks to cancel, that’s not my fault, why should i accept that my rating goes down because a client made a mistake, and i loose my level, like how the f is this logicall ?


It is quite unfortunate. Immediately you cancel an order, everything about your gig turns red and changes direction to the south.

My order completion rate was formerly 92%, I have completed 2 new orders and instead of moving upwards, what I now have is 91% order completion rate.

January 14th seems like a Judgement day for all of us. Will fiverr be just in its judgment?


Wait, that doesn’t make sense. If you’ve completed around 50 orders in one month then a cancellation should only minus 1% from your overall completion rate. Either you’ve had way too many cancellations in one month or you haven’t done many orders this month.


yes i’m also did not see any logic


yes this month i only cancel 1 order and may be did 4-5 order


yes January 15 is very important day for all seller.


Yeah, that explains it. Cancellations don’t kill you instantly. If you’ve completed only 5 orders and had to cancel 2 orders them it’s easy to see why the major drop happened.


yes it kill instantly, i did not complete much order but i did not told u the exact amount of order i complete. my question is while cancel one single order drop u 5% then doing 2 or 3 complete order did not up 2-5% why ?


thanks for giving us this information. fiverr should fix and improve this.


I think it works this way.

For each cancellation, you need to complete 9 orders to maintain 90% of competition rate. That’s why you can’t see change after completing few orders. So in 100 orders, only 10 can be cancelled to maintain 90%.

But, still don’t know if percentage is working at all.

Worst thing is that “order by mistake” is dropping you down. And we can’t do nothing about it


It’s a an average not per cancellation.


This is applicable mostly for new seller.who hass completed 5-10 orders and in that case 1 cancellation will go them down.


yes i agree my first order is cancel after delivery and review. and then my gig goes down


I think that is a SERIOUS ISSUE that needs to be addressed by the Fiverr team. Even if it’s just adding an option where the buyer can indicate the order was made by mistake, and if the buyer indicates that, it DOES NOT count as a cancellation for the seller.

I’ve had two orders cancelled that brought my average down to 88% as well. One was an order placed right before I went on Vacation Mode. I should have done it sooner I guess, but the buyer was understanding and we agreed to cancel. I’ll take that on the chin if I must.

The other was a gentleman who ordered and had a problem getting the first one through, so he placed a second order. A few hours later two identical orders hit my inbox. It’s not his fault Fiverr was running slow, and it’s not my fault he placed two orders. But nonetheless, I now have that extra cancellation. Of course, he left a 5* review, so clearly it was NOT bad customer service, but I’m still being treated as if it is.

  1. This shouldn’t be an issue in the first place, but it is.
  2. What, if anything, can I do to get that cancellation removed from my stats?