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Its been so many days i got any orders, feeling like closing the account and starting it over again, because i see now fiverr is giving preferences to the new people here. So if i close my account and want to start it again, what shall be done…? Can i open the account immediately or i have to wait for some time, suggestions and ideas are welcome.


I think your rating is causing the most problem. I would much rather refund the money than get a negative review.

You could test your theory. Pause your most popular gig and start one similar to it. See if it gets traction for the new gig?

I believe the issue also is that the environment changes. Just because one thing works well in one season doesn’t mean it will stay the same. The traffic of people changing their buying habits and there are more providers offering similar gigs.

No matter how little we charge. People expect us to deliver something they can use. We never can find ourselves saying, “We’ll what do expect for $5.00.” We have to take the order like it’s the last $5.00 they have. If we can’t do that for a gig, we need to change our prices.

Good luck!


Reply to @landongrace: Agreed.