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Cancel an extra, but not the whole gig?


I have a buyer that bought just the gig alone, and once it was delivered they added on an extra. With the extra, they are asking for something that has nothing to do with the gig itself, and I do not have the skills to give what they ask. I told them this, and I am wondering is there a way to cancel just the extra and not the whole gig? Otherwise they got the first delivery for free :


This is making me consider taking off extras, and if someone wants an extra they have to buy a different gig.


Thanks for your help! The buyer decided to go along with what the gig extra was for after all, so there will be no cancellation. Still, it just doesn’t seem right that an extra can be ordered after delivery of the first. If a buyer learned this, they could easily take advantage of the seller.

This was also my first extra order. I’m still learning.