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Cancel an order question

I have to cancel an order because it’s totally unethical, so if I go to the resolution center it make me ask to the buyer to cancel the order.
What if he refuses to do that? I will have a negative review or what?
Sorry but it’s the first time that happens to me… :neutral_face:


When you go to the Resolution center and ask for a Cancellation request, if the client agree to cancel, you won’t have a negative review.
However it will impact your order completion rate (see the stats at analytic dashboard).

Also if the order passes deadline, even if the client agrees to cancel, your On-time Delivery rate is affected as well, along with the Order Completion Rate.


I’ve written to Fiverr to report the violation, they will respond in 24-48h but the order delivery in just 24h. Let’s see…

The dispute has been resolved. The buyer has accepted to mutually cancel the order.
My order completion rating has dropped from 100% to 98%…