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Cancel and Rate an Order, IS THIS POSSIBLE ? I think this is unfair

I have failed to Deliver an order to my buyer, so he cancelled his order, but I was surprised when he wrote a REVIEW about his order, he gave me a 1 STAR rating and commented that his order was delivered late. but the fact was I have’nt Deliver any product to him at all, How come this happend? is this even Possible? he just Cancelled the order and then wrote a review about it. I think this is so unfair.

Please check my profile and see it on my Gig, Look at the very first rating at my gig.

If I’m not mistaken, if you don’t deliver on time, Fiverr automatically cancels the order and leaves a negative review on behalf of the buyer. Had you delivered on time, this wouldn’t have happened.

If you are late delivering an order to your buyer, they can cancel immediately without your agreement - this automatically places a negative “cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time!” comment.

Since you have 4 of the same comments on your gig though, I’m assuming you must have already been aware that the review is automatically left after buyer cancellation due to late delivery?


Try discussing it with that buyer and have it removed by agreeing and you can take that to CS

Reply to @hanashivoice: Fiverr doesn’t cancel - the buyer does - but Fiverr does place the review on their behalf.