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CANCEL Difficult Buyers

We need the ability to cancel difficult or confused buyers. I recently had a buyer who ordered the WRONG package, then when I tried to correct for her, she gave ME a 1 star, although she ordered the wrong package.

2) I have a buyer who REFUSES to provide the information necessary to do the job, but keeps ordering. I need the ability to reject them upfront if they refuse to provide the information necessary to complete the work properly.


I would like the idea of a “Accept” or “Reject” order that us Sellers can use.

i also like this idea because some time the buyer force us to do 100$ strength work in one gig :frowning:

We’ve asked this feature so many times… try to search the forum and you’ll find loads of posts…

Sadly, it was not implemented nor taken into account :frowning:

I am new to Fiverr, ordered a gig with the $20 GigExtra, for a PROFESSIONAL logo + Source files ($20 Extra).

The seller delivered the so called Logo with a general icon+text. I keep trying to explain many times about what a Professional logo should be, the he/she keep saying that “I don’t understand what you need”, come on, how could I teach you how to do a Professional logo design.

Should buyers has a chance to cancel the order with this seller too? No, there seems doesn’t have this feature on Fiverr.

Also need a more User Friendly UI. The current UI is clean and good looking, but where is the direct link to go Conversations (messages). At least I can’t find any.

There’s some many improvement rooms with Fiverr. Hope the management team is listening to the voices.