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Cancel issue from buyer mistake

Today I face a cancel issue. A new buyer place an order mistakenly so the buyer want to cancel the order note: the buyer told me (Can you cancel it ?? It was a mistake. Sorry.). how can I cancel the order without losing my cancelation rate?


Unfortunately, there is not any way to cancel an order without affecting cancellation rate.

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Send request from your side when order cancel a seller then it affect a little bit.

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No, it affects the same. No matter if seller or buyer will initiate cancellation. Please don’t mislead people, I saw you giving a couple of misleading comments all over a forum


yes dear you are right. Previously i was face this issue. please talk me a best way

sorry for the confusion do you mean when buyer send cencel requers then i will not accept or denied within 24 hours?

if customer support center cancel the order then i think it will not effect cancellation rate ?

If i recommend to buyer go fiverr support center then share your cancel issue it will be any problem on my account?

The order doesn’t have to be cancelled, just because they ordered as a mistake. You don’t have to cancel unless you want.

It will still effect your cancellation rate !

if he wont, customer support will…if buyer dont want any service and have not even submitted request ( even if submitted but now change his mind) neither seller nor CS can force him to keep order alive !

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TOS lists a reasons of cancellation eligibility. Mistaken orders is not one of them. If the buyer has submitted the requirements, there’s no turning back. For all they could be concerned, the buyer may have wanted the order, but has now changed his mind. It doesn’t work like that.

It does !
I was in same situation once…where buyer asked me to cancel order before delivery date and I already spent few hours on his work…when I talk to CS they said they cant force buyer to take delivery or keep going with order when he dont want to !
this seems much similar…
even if this guy will work on his order and later buyer complain CS saying poor quality…there is no way to keep this going and CS will cancel without notifying.

i have faced this issue many times .once i contact with customer care they replied this : Order Completion rate is calculated automatically by Fiverr`s algorithm according to its preset criteria. No one at Fiverr can affect the rate manually.

Realy good post.everybody shoud read the post

the buyer has not submitted requirements. right now buyer send me cancel request

Contact CS, explain that the order was placed by mistake and ask them to cancel the order for you. They may be sympathetic to your cause and your stats with it.

Yes, you don’t have to cancel it but do you need to hold an incomplete order hostage if the person is not going to buy anything? (No, you don’t).


few month ago a buyer place order and send cancel request within 2 minutes. its really painful

Contact customer support center. They can help you.

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contact with fiverr support team, tell them and show them the message details, if they cancel it will not effect your cancellation rate

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