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Cancel My Order Fiverr, I have had enough of this

Hi, i made an order for a poster ($21) and last week the designer delivered my order but had nothing on the delivery and said she didn’t want to over run but was soo busy and would do it in the next few days. Not wanting to be a pain I agreed and now a week later I have a poster that is frankly embarrassing

I want to cancel and the designer agreed but where do I do that - if i cant its the last time I use fiverr and will move on to the other sites.

Customer Support? I’d tell you to click on Resolution Center (go to the bottom of the gig page–it should be under the text field box) but I’m not sure it crops up for buyers after an order has been delivered.

Note that the $21 will be refunded in the form of credit which you can use on other buyers up to the value of $21.

As a bit of practical advice, you can avoid this situation happening by simply never accepting an empty delivery. As a seller, if I run into this problem, I explain the situation to the buyer and request cancellation on the basis that I will afterwards send them a custom offer which states specifically when work will be delivered.

Asking people to accept empty deliveries is in my opinion just plain rude as a seller might suddenly get deluged with orders and still not get round to completing your work. Also, exactly what you have had happen to you can happen.

In this case, don’t get mad at Fiverr. There are lots of quality people on here, just be a bit more guarded next time.

This is reasonable.

That is not acceptable

Hello dmagroup, sure you can cancel it I think. You can contact customer support and be sure to tell them the seller agreed to the cancellation.

Sorry this happened to you! Be sure that when you place another order on fiverr the seller has a LOT of excellent feedback over a long period of time is my advice. It’s not fiverr’s fault this happened and there are thousands of fantastic sellers here. You just ran into an irresponsible one.

Here’s a tip (it’s the first thing you should do before you sign up to anything) READ the Fiverr TOS/FAQ, the end :slight_smile:
Amazing what reading can actually do… :stuck_out_tongue:

discustink behaviourials. REFUND NOW BEACH!

Can my order history be deleted by a seller? I placed an order for a logo with a seller whose folio looked awesome. What I wanted was very similar to one of his designs and I provided clear directions and even attached a briefing sheet with two examples of the elements required. I got back an embarrassingly poor effort that wasn’t even in colour. So I asked for a review and it was acknowledged. I heard nothing and so I contacted the seller again who said I’d never ordered anything. I can’t find any order history in my account but I’ve paid ($8 - was willing to pay more for the working files etc) and have the emails from him. But no further response and no logo. I’m so disappointed and now I have to do this logo myself which I’m really not happy about.