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Cancel my order seller is not answering my messages,

How do I get a refund, seller just doesn’t understand what I wanted and now not responding to my messages. I’ve trying to cancel my order but sellEr rejects the request before deadline, have messaged him and no response to my messages. I cancelled order under “seller not responding” and seller canceled again… anyone got any ideas to get my refund, I don’t see any customer support anywhere… thank you in advance…

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Hi philwarbin.
I’m sorry this happened to you. Please instead of cancelling the order give a time to the seller to understand the order requirements.
If the seller don’t know what he is doing then contact with the customer support.

I’ve already given the seller time asking him to change the work seller done but it takes almost a week to make the changes and then when I receive the file it’s not what I’m asking for (3 times this has happened) is there a customer service number or email I can use to get in touch with them…???

You can find a contact us big green button at the bottom of help page