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Cancel my second order and lost my Order Completion rate lost

:sob: :sob: :sob:I cancel my second order and lost my order completion rate, It was only a 5$ order. The first-time Buyer gives me a small requirement after the order buyer changes the requirement in a short time. At the time I cancel the order. Please give me a suggestion that what should I do.
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Do nothing and move on.

Your completion rate will improve once you complete more jobs.

Simple as that.

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Will this have any effect on my account?

How difficult it would be to get job?

It won’t be a big deal.

Everyone has experienced cancellations.

Everyone has had their completion rate impacted because of it.

But that only lasts for a little while.

You’ll still get orders, provided you keep promoting your Gigs.

It’s really not a big deal so don’t stress about it.

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Thank you so much :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: