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Cancel offer that violates Fiver rules?

Hello! Today 2 of my Gigs were taken down because I did some homework for buyers, I must admit I wasn’t aware of this rule, but now that I am, I have an ongoing offer that basically the same thing, a school assignment. Should I cancel the offer? Or should I report the buyer? What to do?


If you complete the order you’d be violating the ToS again.
I’m sure you value your Fiverr account, no?!
:x: Cancel the order and report the Buyer to cover your tushie. Don’t be tempted by the :money_with_wings: completing homework/academic work is highly frowned upon.

Next, you need to tighten up on your Gig descriptions and FAQs make it crystal clear that you WILL NOT complete homework assignment etc. Note that you will report them to Fiverr!


Alright, I will do that right now. But if I may ask, what do you mean by “value my Fiverr account”? Can this make me permanently lose my account?

I meant completing these jobs can cause you to get banned.
Hence, why I asked you that question.

At the end of the day it’s not worth it!


I fully understand. I found that the only course of action I had was taking it to the resolution center, is there a way I can cancel the order?

The resolution center is a good place to initiate the cancel.
Alternatively, you can ask CS to cancel!

I’m assuming both of them will have an impact on my completion rate?

Unfortunately, Yes!

Sure, it’s a crap deal, but we don’t have any control over this policy. :confused:

Wonderful! Thank you very much, I hope this gets resolved soon.

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Yeah. No problemo, happy to help. :wink:

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Cancel is better but If you want you can report.

I don’t think I’ll do that… the buyer was very professional.