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Cancel or waiting to complete the order

Hi I delivered an order 2 days ago but client says that is wont work and i have to found someone else to configure it , i ask her to take revision and i will do your changes according to you but she dont replied ? now what should i have to do ? i ask her to refund if she is not satisfied but not replied yet? so now i have to cancel the order or wait to mark as complete?

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Don’t cancel if you did the work.

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oky but if she will give a negative review then,?

That’s just how things work out sometimes. You shouldn’t not get paid to avoid a bad review. Plus, it’s harder to make up for a cancellation.

if i cancel the order how its affect my profile without order completion rate ?

I don’t think I know what you’re saying…

A cancellation won’t affect your profile, no, but it can hurt chances at promotions and gig ranking (so some have said). It will hurt your completion, and that is harder to fix if you don’t get many orders per 60 day period. You can respond to a review but not to statistics.

got it Thank you for guidance