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Cancel order and problem with user

hi so i want to share this experience with the community if someone had a similar problem, so buyer wants to do some work for him and that needs coding something for him but what he needs is deserve more money than the price listed there so I told him the price was 15 $ more than the one listed on the gig and I’m leaving note on my gig that some tasks to code need more money and work than the usual so I explain to him that and he said I’m trying to scam him so i told him good luck with that because I didn’t do anything wrong and I send him message that’s im not interesting to do tasks you want anymore and I block him but he ordered anyway the gig I’m new to fiver 4 months now i did almost 32 orders and my rating is 5 stars how i can proceed to cancel his order because he only wanna make rating bad , and sorry for my english

Go to the resolution center on your order page. There you can cancel the order.

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i send cancelation he well not accept it

You can contact CS and in the meantime keep requesting he cancel.


they don’t allow me to contact them while are a cancelation

This happens like a billion times that’s why CS want us to deal with it.

Anything can be done with good communication. My advice will be to communicate, just talk to him and think of him as your best friend.

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I tried my best but seem not working

quick update i manage to contact customer support this morning and they cancel my order and I already reported that user and i check today his profile he does not exist anymore is this mean he got banned ??

I am happy you got the order canceled. However, I have learned that CS will block you from seeing :eyes: a buyer you have had trouble with. It may be a good idea for you to block them from your inbox.

If you look for the buyer while in incognito and he shows up then he was not banned. Let us know what you find out. :thinking:

i check with incognito mode but you can’t see it this way so I send his profile link to a friend of mine to check from his account and the profile is no longer available

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That IS good news. I hope he DID get banned ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

See CS is not a bunch of :monkey_face: :monkey: :hear_no_evil: after all!