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Cancel order by client


After completed orders, The client told me to cancel an order. I already give all file Client. What can I do now?


what is the reason for this situation?


I don`t know. the client told me all perfect. then I delivery work. after 2 hours, clients send cancel request.


Ask him the possible reason. And Told him that you had worked for him so you deserve the payment.


Just decline the cancellation request.
It is against TOS to cancel the order based on quality of work. We don’t know the whole story, so maybe he just trying to get away with all final files.

So you can just decline cancellation and send the message that he was happy with an order and you can not cancel the order Bacharach he already got all final files but also add if he need revisions then you are happy to work on that.

At the same time contact support and tell them that buyer trying to scam you. Send them a screenshot where buyer said they were happy with your work but now asking for cancellation to get this work for free


Thanks for your information


Thanks for information