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Cancel order due to review?

I recently ordered a logo from fragglesrock. There was some confusion on her end about the order I submitted, but she never asked any questions. She just made a logo that was not at all what I asked for. When I asked for a revision, she told me she would work on it, but didn’t give me an update on when it might be completed, even when I asked. She finally finished and gave me a logo that I really like.

She asked me to give her a review. I wrote an honest review and rated her 3.5 stars. When she saw thus she began bombarding me with messages demanding I give her “full stars” so it wouldn’t impact her rating. When I refused, she cancelled my order and gave me a refund. She is still repeatedly messaging me. Is this normal? Is it OK that she cancelled my order, after she delivered the product, because she didn’the like my 3.5 star rating?

Sheriff’s note: it’s not allowed to call names on this forum, so username has been fragglesrocked

The problem is that when a buyer is completely happy, most sellers expect to get five stars, even if it took a little bit of time to get there. Especially because she probably put a lot of work into the logo, I can understand why she would be disappointed in a 3.5 star review. Ratings are extremely important to sellers, especially new sellers or those that are still working on building reviews. Some people believe even one mediocre review is enough to ruin your business here, and in some cases, it is, depending on the review.

That said, if you were only 70% happy with the work, despite really liking the finished product, you should ignore her messages. Tell her that there’s nothing you can do about it now, since she’s already given you a refund that you didn’t ask for, and move on. I’d say it’s not normal for her to be sending you message after message. Sure, when I get a low review that I wasn’t expecting, I message the buyer to see where I went wrong. I don’t hound that buyer constantly. That’s too much.

I wouldn’t see the point of having a rating system if everyone is expecting to get 5 stars for every thing they do. A rating system to me is a way of telling what the buyer thought of the work that was done. On sites where you buy finished products, these reviews often show if the buyer liked the product and/or if the product was shipped in the expected amount of time.

So because they are finished products and don’t need any input from the buyer, or any communication from the buyer to the seller about what the product should be like, they will only leave a review of how they thought the product was compared to the description and image of it, and/or if it was shipped in time.

On Fiverr however, there are more factors involved in the product delivery, since the buyer often have to communicate with the seller in order to get their product done, so that is often a factor for buyers when they do their review.
If they’re unhappy with how the communication was up to the product delivery, they might leave a lower review than 5 stars since it was a part of how the product was created.

I don’t see why the buyer wouldn’t have the right to give a less than 5 star review, and be told that his/hers opinion of the product or the communication isn’t valid, and that only what the seller thinks of the product is what matters.

There is instances though where, for example, the gig description shows what the gig is about, and the buyer totally ignores this and gets a product they didn’t want. In this case, it’s not fair to the seller to give a negative review since the buyer obviously didn’t care what the seller actually makes.

Why is she still messaging you after the order was cancelled? Was the 3.5 star review removed, or does it still stand?

The problem with the ratings on Fiverr is that the system is flawed. Buyers should be able to leave an honest review, of course, but if a seller is new, a 3.5 review could put them out of business. It’s the equivalent of 70% rating, and who is going to buy from a seller with a 70% rating? That’s why many sellers would rather cancel the order and refund the buyer than accept a less than 5 star review.

I was put in the seller’s shoe today, though my buyer isn’t as nice as you. I delivered and they disappeared for almost a month, only to return with a 3.5 review, with a low score on the “Service as Described”. Fiverr shouldn’t allow buyers to write review after the fund is cleared.

But the worse part is, in my notification it showed up as a “positive review”, something like “congratulation, xxx just posted a positive review”.

As far as I can tell the rating was removed. It looks like she cancelled the order just to get rid of my review. My worry now is, since she cancelled it, if I try to continue using the logo she can come back at me and say it belongs to her since the order was cancelled and a refund issued.

3.5 stars is pretty bad. This whole rating system that Fiverr implemented was suppose to make things better. It hasn’t. If anything, it made things worse. I think fiverr’s original argument is that the new rating will help sellers understand buyer’s needs better. How?

Ok. back to the 3.5. She probably felt she went above and beyond and despite her efforts you gave her a low rating. Too bad.

Reply to @starrymighty: I hate that. 3.5 doesn’t feel positive to me.

Reply to @starrymighty: 3 stars or more officially counts as positive. Stupid, really, since sellers will lose their level if their overall rating is below 4.5 or 4 stars.

Reply to @rhcrew: no you can use it, she is the one who cancelled not you. You did purchase this service it is unrelated that she refunded you without asking you.

Reply to @idesigngraphic and @rhcrew: Technically, because the money was refunded, the buyer hasn’t paid for the right to use the design. In the TOS, it says, “All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to buyer shall be subject to full payment for the Gig and the delivery may not be used if payment is cancelled for any reason.”

Reply to @emasonwrites: Oh right, thanks for letting me know