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Cancel Order. I want my money back!


How do I get my money back from the seller ******
No work was done because the file he sent me has a virus…
I was quoted $200 and they are holding $210
I want my money back to use with another seller I can trust.
I have had great experiences on Fiverr so far and this is crap.
I want my money back today.
My deadline for my Business Plan is Friday. smh

Mod Note: Username removed. Please contact customer support for assistance


Hey! So I paid to have someone shout me out on their fitness page. Instead, that never happened and my Account got a ton of scammers that I had to delete a few pictures.
I really want a refund.
Thank you!


@annabruno as the moderator said:

We cannot help you here. I understand the Fiverr app has the Forum listed under support, however we are not Customer Support. We are buyers and sellers.