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Cancel Order is better then low rating

guide is it true … cancel is better then low review ?

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No, Fiverr don’t recommend cancelling any order, you must hold your words when taking an order from the buyer, only commit if you can do the required task. But you should cancel the order if the buyer is completely unsatisfied with your service and wants refund, you also think that the product you made is not up to the standards that the buyer was looking for.

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she like my work but not fully agreed and want refund … then i agree to refund but after few minutes she mark work as complete and give 3 stare … its effect on my rating


Don’t exploit yourself just to try to avoid a bad review. Bad reviews are part of being in a marketplace. Don’t work for free just to try avoid them. Focus on compensating for bad reviews. They’re going to happen and you aren’t going to get business just by avoiding them.


thank you for your compliment