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Cancel Order Issue

i need one suggestion from you guys recently i delivered order to buyer and also completed his two revisions and in his third revision he said project not working on his side i check the issue on his hosting not my code i try to convince him but he always said same words not working he is hide since 3 days now suddenly came back and open a dispute i contact support when he is hide and negotiate with them almost 2 days and i have also shared all proofs with video to support now they said we cancel your order if you want but i dont want order to be cancel it will waste my effort so what should i do.

  1. Cancel order by support with no review
  2. get bad review with autocomplete order
    or you have some suggestion please share thanks

You must to accept the cancel request, for Fiverr the buyer always have the reason, is very difficult to have to convince a buyer if he don’t have any idea about he wants.

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if i have proofs issue on his side and my work is in running condition and give that proof to support so why support taking buyer side?

one question more order is autocomplete tomorrow then buyer have a option to give me review so instead of taking bad review i asked support to cancel order? because i think support not on my side we discuss issue since 2 days given all proofs demo videos

If you don’t accept the cancel resolution, Fiverr will cancel the order automatically.