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Cancel Order or I will give you a bad review! 😡

“Help! Please! My buyer is threatening me with bad review. I did everything perfectly, what should I do?”

:woman_facepalming: Oye! Every single day!! Every day someone asks this. What should you do? If I were a seller, this is what I would do:

Scammer: Cancel or else!

Me: No!

Scammer: I will give you 1 star review!

Me: No!

Scammer: What do you mean by NO!? This is my final warning, accept cancellation or bad review.

Me: No!

Scenario 1:

Buyer gives blind review.

I give buyer review: "** WARNING **, all sellers!! This buyer just scammed me out of $XX order. After delivery, (s)he treatenened me with a bad review unless I cancel and give him free work. Unless, you like working for free, stay away.

I’d write the same thing under his/her review of me.

// ** NO REAL BUYER cares if you have a 1 star review, as long as you stay professional in your response. If anything, it’ll stop other scammers from going to you when they see it.

I would report them immediately after reading the review, that way if the scammer reports me with lies, they can see my side of the story.

Scenario 2:

Scammer goes directly to CS and has order cancelled.

Contact CS, explain situation and tell them, you are
requesting an official “take down” if they are using it. Since they didn’t pay, you have the rights to it and will be using/selling your work.

Also tell CS, you will send 1 professionally written message to him/her, via inbox, to the fact just in case they plan on using it.

Don’t get scammed. Sellers hold all the cards. Scammers only have the power if you hand over those cards. Stop being so weak. No one makes TRS without dealing with a few scammers and losers.

Sorry to be harsh, but if you keep acting helpless, then you are getting exactly what you deserve. So,


Edit: Power of saying “NO!”


better option is to contact support with evidences

Yeah, maybe try selling on Fiverr and facing this situation to see how it actually goes down.






Basically, your advice seems sound. However, in practice, Fiverr just doesn’t work like that. :frowning:

As a negative review stays on your profile FOREVER, even if a buyer cancels, your best option as a seller will usually be to just cancel, and then keep canceling new orders you have a suspicion you think are from the same person, until you are sure the spell you bought on Fiverr has had time to work and your buyer is no longer on this mortal coil.


There is no Angry face to your post since heart-ing it feels wrong. I still can not believe this.


now you’re pulling out the big guns.


Yeah, @gina_riley2 - not so long ago that would have been no brainer advice. Unfortunately, since the new year CS has become somewhat trigger happy and often doesn’t follow TOS, or even finds a way around it.

Now … well, cancelling is an option …


I’m speechless… Agree with @marinapomorac heart-ing your post feels so bad !

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May be that was chargeback ?
I was recently compensate by fiverr for exactly similar case !

@cyaxrex that’s a chargeback.

When you get a message “cancelled by buyer” it means it was a chargeback and CS wasn’t involved in it.
If you contact them ASAP you have good chances of getting your money back.

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I haven’t had to face this situation yet myself, but if I were threatened and it’s a high-profit order, I’d immediately contact CS, and say something along the lines of:

I’ve just been threatened by a buyer. Per the Current Fiverr ToS, “Users are abusive towards the other party through threats of low ratings” and “Buyers who threaten to leave a damaging review to gain more services from the Seller not related to the agreed requirements.” are listed as grounds for cancellation. At this time, I do not wish to cancel and wish to attempt to work things out with the buyer. If the buyer does leave ‘a damaging review’ do I have Fiverr’s support and backing that the ‘damaging review’ will be removed?

If it’s a tiny order, then I’d state the above, but indeed ask for cancellation.


Since you don’t want to cancel you are on your own and CS can’t help. I am not sure about removing any reviews. It’s doubtful.

Is it just me or the customer support isn’t responding anymore? I contacted them 2 days ago and haven’t recieved any response from them…! It happened with me for the first time, anyone know what’s wrong? Should I register another complaint? Weird things happening in 2020.

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Yes, there are many Scammer on fiverr.

Like many places the pandemic may be causing employees not to show up. It would be ideal if like Amazon customer service reps could work from home.

Many users have said that they had to wait for 10 days for their response.


Im in this weird situation one of my buyer didn’t like my delivery even though i completed it and then he requested revision i did those changes and now he says i didn’t fulfil requirements at last i said okay then lets cancel the order now he dont even cancel it he’s not marking delivery complete or cancling the order i contacted fiverr support i dont know when they will reply and i have to deliver in next 20 hours and he threatens me.

Please any suggestion would be helpful or how bad is it going to be for my profile cause i just started out and im getting good responses.

Muhammad Hamza.

This will help me a lot I just came across 4 scammers trying to scam me :roll_eyes:

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If he didn’t ask for a revision after the last delivery, the order will auto complete in 3 days.

If you requested the cancellation, if he doesn’t reply in 2 days (if I’m not mistaken) the order will be cancelled.

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I requested to cancel order he declines it im sick of it cause seems like that guy is trying to take control over me i mean i dont want to work with someone who give me threats and now im stuck in this situation,

If my delivery is late and i dont respond will it cancel someday or it will be there as a reminder

The order will never be late because what counts is the first time you delivered. It says “late” but you can ignore it.

But so you sent the request to cancel and he declined??

Send a printscreen of his threats to CS and say you want to cancel it because he’s threatening you and he’s refusing (if he really is).

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