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Cancel order problem

Hello, I need suggestion from you guys. Recently i had got a order and then i make the design as per order requirement. I make same to same design what my buyer desires. Beside i also provide unlimited revision so i provide many alternative design also. Then the buyer said he needs more time to make confirm. so we increased deliver time and within those time i make more design and knocked him every day, but he didn’t reply. He was active and have seen my message but did not make any response. As the delivery time almost finish so i have made deliver all the design with all source file. Because he didnt reply of my any message . But when i deliver all projects then he said he needed to cancel this order. He has already got all files those he need and get same to same design those he wanted. If i say about this that i make same to same design based on his requirement so i demand the money. but then he can make accept but if he will make negative review so i am afraid. I also contact with fiver support team but i do not get any response already. Some of my familiar person who also faced same problem on fiver. Now if i cancel the order then my order completion rate will decrase but this is not my fault.So how can the problem would be solved? Please i need help