Cancel order that violate TOS with no punishment


I get orders from buyers who do not read the description of the gig and order things that are a violation of TOS. 1 out of 10 I can get to revise the gig to fit, but the other 9 I have to cancel. Under the new levels process, my cancellation rate goes up and I get punished.

There needs to be a cancellation option for these orders that violate TOS that does not count against seller. Mutual cancellations count against you, right now no matter what reason you select. I’ve tried them all.


Nice topic. I am fully agree with you. Cencellation must be a mutual understanding but not any punishment.


It will be very helpful for all Fiverr seller.
seller is not always responsible for the cancel, but why would they always suffer for this reason?


Hello all,

I’ve faced this issue many times and written to CS. They never wrote me a satisfying answer. I think Fiverr team must think about this issue and developers must develop a algorithm avoid this kind of cancellation.

Some buyers order the gig and than they ask cancellation as they don’t read the gig. What should to do? Surely we accept. However, this really effects our listing and directly our sales. I had 6 cancellations nearly 70 days ago and till now these days were to hard for me. I got average 4 orders a day before this cancellation but in these 70 days I only got 1 or 2 order in a week.


You’re absolutely right. It doesn’t matter what option you select to cancel the order, you’ll be punished. That’s the major reason I struggle with my completion rate for. Fiverr needs to take any steps regarding this.


Agreed. Cancellation punishments need to be changed.

I have a regular buyer who accepted an offer but didn’t send all the requirements. He intended to finish later, but someone close to him died unexpectedly that day. :sob: Obviously I am going to accommodate whatever he needs, which means canceling the order.

Sometimes things happen and cancellations have to happen as a result. It’s not the buyer’s fault, and often not even the seller’s.


This is even more important with the Seller Levels rules going into effect. If you have to high a cancellation rate, you face problems. I really hope they take this and fix it. It really needs to be fixed before the new levels process is implemented.