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Cancel order, then use the drawing to buy a trace from cheaper seller

2 months ago, a guy orders a book cover from me.

When everything was finished, after he approved the drawing, while I was adding the book title for him, he canceled the order, saying he didn’t really like it, I was fine with it so I just accept the cancelation without any question.

1 month later, he came back and asked if I want to try and do another cover for him, I told him I already put him on my blacklist.

Today when I browsed around the internet and found out he gave my drawing to another seller and ask them to trace over it at a cheaper price. Everything is the same except the character’s face and coloring style.

I reported him, but I wonder if Fiverr will care.

Don’t cancel orders like that because it will give a negative impact for gig ranking and also completion rate. Try to contact CS before cancelling because cancellations by fiverr customer support will have bo impact for our gigs.

As usual there are bad people everywhere. So next time be careful.

Good luck and keep up the good work!

Thanks for the advice, I didn’t know that.
The funny thing is I was jobless on Fiverr for a long time after I raised my price until he found me. Then for some reason, after that incident, I keep getting more buyers coming. Fiverr sure has a weird algorithm.

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