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Cancel order with out affecting the rating?

Hi, my client orders many times on the same gig.
So, instead I tell him if I could create a custom order. So that all of the ordrers become only one.
And also, I can’t deliver on time. The custom order is already accepted.

Is there any way out?
Can he cancel the old orders without affecting my rating?
Can I deliver late?


Why ask him to order a group order if he’s already made the orders separately?

No, seller error does not prevent you from your rating reducing from this. It was not fair to ask your buyer to order again. It creates unnecessary risk and work for them for no reason.

But even if this was buyer error your rating would still be affected. Just the way it works here unfortunately.


Yeah, I know that. But the buyer ordered 15 times at the same time. So I have to do all of it in 2 days. So doing bulk order would be better. If there no other way out. I have to let he cancel it. Than order lately.

I think if your buyer cancels your old order then it’s will be affected your rating.

Then make resolution requests for each order to extend the delivery time, explaining that to your buyer in each. The solution isn’t to cancel everything and make a new order. I don’t know where you got that from or why you wouldn’t be penalized for that.

Looks like you have learnt a lesson the hard way (welcome to the club).

In this case, I would recommend that you first explain to the buyer that the way Fiverr systems work, you will unfortunately have to cancel the custom order and ask for extension on time for the 15 orders. Once the buyer agrees, you should request the cancellation of the custom order (not the buyer). This may or may not help, but cancelling 15 orders is way worse than cancelling one order.

Then just ask for time extensions on the other ones. Hopefully the buyer will understand if you are polite and honest.

Good luck.

Oh! Another thing is to maybe limit the number of active orders you can accept per gig. That will hopefully stop this from happening again.

Go to your gigs page, click on the gig name once and change “Max orders in queue”

Thank you very much!

I think if your buyer cancelled your old order then it’s will be affected your rating.