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What a joke.

I book a gig with 3 different sellers, all of whom have different timeline. The first delivers within 24 hours. Good stuff. The next two request to cancel an hour before the gig is due. So you either cancel or you have someone working on a project for you, who wasn’t interested in the first place. So you have to cancel. If the person cancels immediately because the briefing isn’t up to snuff or they don’t have time, that’s understandable.


@Fiverr, you desperately need another search criteria “gigs cancelled (at the last minute)” or similar. I will find it hard to use the platform again because of the unreliability of the sellers.

If sellers cancel for no reason or often, it shows on their profile and lowers their level and ranking.

As for rating the seller, you can either get the refund (by accepting the mutual cancellation) and not rate them, or refuse to accept the cancellation, in which case the seller keeps the money, and you can rate them.

While I know it has to be frustrating to have sellers cancel on you in the proverbial “last hour”, I think it is hilarious how buyers want their money back and be able to rate them?! Like you said @catwriter, sellers who continually cancel at the last minute with no explanation will impact their overall rating if the gigs are not mutually cancelled. I think some people just prefer to complain rather than see the site for what it is… it’s five dollars…

gingerwriter said: I think some people just prefer to complain rather than see the site for what it is.. it's five dollars

So your theory is that if a person offers to sell something for, let's say less than $10, they have no obligation whatsoever to behave in a professional manner? Not cool.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Not at all. However, do you go to McDonald’s order a cheeseburger for $5, expect a filet mignon, then demand one be brought to you along with a refund? Surely not.

My point is this: Yes there are crappy sellers on Fiverr, and yes sellers should maintain a professional demeanor while working on the site if they are serious about their work. But to expect sellers to bow down to your every whim because you “think” they should is just ignorant. Read a seller’s reviews, contact them prior to ordering a gig so you know they are legit, and cross your fingers that your expectations are met for a measly $5. If you follow that advice you’ll likely receive a service far better than you expected. Also, you can’t assume that the situation went down precisely the way this individual claimed. You aren’t ‘seeing’ both sides of the story. I certainly believe in professionalism, but I also believe in reasonable expectations and gratitude…

Reply to @catwriter: Just wondering, how does it show on their profile?

Reply to @itsyourthing: Agreed. Nobody is twister the seller’s arms to offer a good or service at that price. It’s still a business relationship when money is exchanged.

Reply to @vainpaper: Maybe we don’t have enough information to say whether these cancellations were appropriate or not, just from the original post. When dealing with 24 hr gigs, I think a “last minute” cancellation is more appropriate than, say, if I did it on one of my gigs that is at 20 days. He just says that they have different timelines–so…two days? Ten days?

If I had a 24 hr gig and someone orders a gig in the middle of the night, and then I have to go to my offline job during the day, I might not get back to Fiverr until there are four or five hours left on the gig. It would be my assumption that the sellers that canceled had planned on getting to his order, but overbooked themselves and needed to cancel. It seems like that would happen a lot with a popular 24 hr gig.

While I absolutely agree that this is a business and should always be treated as such, I’d also agree that some buyers expect a lot of us sellers–excellent customer service, and a great product, and on their schedule, whether or not it coincides with ours. Some of us always try to deliver on those expectations, but that’s not the MO of all sellers, who might just be here to make a buck, not build a business.


Reply to @gingerwriter:

gingerwriter said: do you go to McDonald's order a cheeseburger for $5, expect a filet mignon, then demand one be brought to you along with a refund? Surely not.

When I go to McDonald's and order a cheeseburger, guess what, I expect a cheeseburger! Nothing more and nothing less. Your example is nonsense. When we order a gig we expect it in the time frame dictated to us by, wait for it, the SELLER!

I can understand the buyer's frustration outlined above. When you order a gig you expect it to be honored or cancelled in a decent time frame. I agree 24 hour gigs are awkward due to world time zones. Gigs which have a delivery time frame of days shouldn't go to the last minute before being cancelled.

The original poster is correct suggesting sellers who continually cancel late should be identified/penalized - why should they get away with letting people down at the last minute?

Finally, just because it's $5 doesn't mean you shouldn't provide an honest and reliable service.

Reply to @vainpaper: It shows as “Cancellation Rate 14%” or something like that (the number may vary, of course).

Reply to @emasonwrites: I agree, it’s always a good idea to message first before ordering the 24 hour gig in order to avoid these issues.

Reply to @catwriter: Ouch! Didn’t know that. Thanks!

Reply to @imrobertson:

You obviously missed my point entirely. If I didn’t believe in delivering orders on-time and according to what my description says I wouldn’t be a TRS. That would be impossible.

However, I think it is incredibly unfair for buyers to be able to place a negative review and get their money back. You can’t have it both ways, nor should you be able to.

As a seller I am fully aware of the vulnerabilities this would present. What if a buyer refuses to send the information over after repeated attempts to contact them (I’ve had this happen on numerous occasions)? Should I not be able to cancel the gig at the last hour, hoping that they send the information I require through? What then? Should I be ‘penalized’ for that?

All I am saying is you have to look at both sides of the coin and sellers who do an excellent job with the occasional ‘late’ cancellation would be the ones who suffer from this nonsensical idea you are claiming is the correct way to go about things.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I completely agree. Not everyone is on Fiverr to build a business. Simply put. It’s a gamble to buy on Fiverr which is why there is a rating system in place.