Cancel orders and fake buyers?


So this past week I’ve got 2 orders canceled by the buyer. Both cases the buyer asked me to wait in the order form for them to get their stuff together. One canceled and the feedback “seller failed to delivery on time” I had support remove that. I got another one today. Buyer asked to wait so they could send their voice over. Order cancelled and same feedback.

So I have a couple of questions. Is that an automatic feed back or the buyer writes that?

2nd. My buyer that canceled without sending voice over message me and said that “fiverr” canceled and gave me a negative feedback. Is that possible or the buyer is just rubbing it in my face?


Some buyers that come to Fiverr to order gigs have very little respect for your time.

They think (I guess) that since they only pay $5 they own you. I had dozens of people contacting me via PM and asking me to work on project and asking 50 question and when I put a demo sketch together they would disappear.

Or there is another category that assumes you owe them 50 revisions because they can not make their mind.

That is why it is extremely important to talk over everything in a gig description. Make sure they know what to expect when you deliver a gig.

(getting off my soap box here)

And now a few words about 10 million wonderful buyers who are nothing but pleasure to deal with.

Thank you for being easy to work with and have a great attitude and being realistic! I love y’all!





ok thanks Oz, just wondered about the automated seller failed, feedback


@oceanline, I had that happen to me too, but I always tell the buyers that if you cannot send it 2 days before the deadline, cancel now and re-order when you have your voiceover in hand.



Same things happened to me to. From now I tell them to cancel if I can’t deliver on time or I request more time.


Hi, it is one solution, close the order and tell the buyer that you will wait for him(otherwise the order will be canceled automatic by system), money are yours and the buyer can decide when he want.


Hey Oceanline

Yeah if the gig goes late, the buyer may cancel the order 24 hours after the deadline or 1 seconds after if the gig is an express gig. The feedback “Seller failed to deliver” is automatic.




Thank you all for the wonderful support and idea’s, I will definitely cancel right away and ask them to reorder when they have what they need from now on.



The buyer can cancel the order 24 hours after it is first marked as late, they will then be able to cancel and your feedback will appear seller failed to deliver on time, a word of advice I have had this problem a few times with buyers requesting me to wait, I simply wait a day or 2 and if no response I will contact support and explain they haven’t satisfied the submission requirements and they will cancel it.