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Cancel payment thats been issued seller and buyer agree

Hello a seller has sold me three gigs and been paid. They have agreed to refund me. I can not cancel the order from my end nor can they since the gig has been delivered. Can someone help me on this. Thank you.


Well if the gig is completed, because you didn’t request a modification within 3 days after it had been delivered or you left a review, it’s impossible to mutually cancel the order. You should contact the Fiverr Support team. If you and the seller let each other know in the chatbox that you both agree with a cancellation, the Fiverr employee will be able to see that and will cancel the order.

Make sure that the offer hasn’t been completed more than 2 weeks ago (untill Level 2 Sellers) or 1 week ago (Top Rated Sellers). Then, the money is already paid to the seller and not refundable, unless the seller would pay you back privatly (beside Fiverr).


The seller cannot pay the buyer back privately without breaking the Terms of Service and most likely causing both buyer and seller to be banned. If the gig cannot be refunded through CS, there is nothing more to be done. No payments, emails or contact info can be exchanged for off-Fiverr use.