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Cancel / Refund

Hi i placed an order and the software is not working I have sent a message to the resolution center how long does it take for them to reply. Any advise thx

Did you initiate a cancellation through the resolution center? If, yes! The system will give the Seller time to respond to your request.

If no, how long ago did you send this message? Maybe, the Seller is in a different timezone. Who knows, but if the software is not working that’s not good. The Seller should be able to help with troubleshooting.

If your Seller is unresponsive try contacting CS. Provide as much details as possible.

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@nikavoice is right.:sunglasses:

Question - and something you may consider. Why not approach the seller, and see if they can provide a solution to your faulty software, rather than initiating a cancellation right away?

Cancelling an order - should be THE last option, as cancellations are very problematic for sellers.

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