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Cancel the order with out it counting against me

I have received an order 800 words but the payed for 50 words can I cancel the order with out it counting against me .

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All cancellations count against sellers, regardless of how they’re done.

Why not add a gig extra/custom offer to cover the extra words, then you won’t have to cancel, or just do the 50 words for which you’ve been paid?


I can guess the next step… Then buyer will leave a negetive feefback for this seller.
Yes, buyers do that.

All cancellations will count against you. And by the way, if it’s not a secret, could you tell us what’s your rate? The absolute minimum in Fiverr is $5, and you said someone ordered with you only 50 words. And 50 words for $5… That’s one expensive rate.

Try to explain to the buyer regarding your pricing, if the buyer agrees to pay for the extra words then you are good to go. Try not to cancel an order because it will stay with you for the next 60 days as it will keep counting in your stats.

Good Luck!!

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In this case each seller must choose where they want to take the hit. In the review or in their cancellation rate. One reason Fiverr put monthy leveling system in place was because too many sellers were canceling in order to keep their rating up. Now even those who never cancelled for this reason have suffered and continue to suffer. Buyers should not be allowed to take advantage of sellers because they know sellers face the monthly “judgement day!”


Send the buyer a charge for the complete 800 words, explaining why the charge.

If he/she agrees you got a wonderful order, if not, just cancel or try to handle the order to just do 50 words.

Try balance what worth most. Dropping your completion % or dropping your rating.

When someone order something that cost more than $5, I immediately send them the charge, and explaining why I’m sending this.

Always be gentle and communicative. People may not like to pay more, but usually they understand and respect this decision.

I will never cancel ever again. I’ve secured myself, explained things clearly. What I do, what I don’t do. No refunds. I canceled and this dropped my views and orders to almost the absolute zero. Never cancel. Instead take the 1-star review and answer to it politely. That’s my piece of advice.

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