Cancel the order


How much orders you have canceled up to now.

Completed = 200

Canceled = 13

Percentage = 6.5%


Completed: 1500 (ish)

Cancelled: 53

3% cancellation rate I guess. Most of those people re-ordered however. Apparently they made a mistake in the ordering process. Cancellations where I lost a sale is probably about 15-20. So less than 1.5%.


Hey, wrong category. :slight_smile:

Might wanna fit it in ‘chit chat’ or ‘fiverr stories’.

My percent cancelled is 6% but 50% of the cancellations were re-ordered


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Always trying my best to keep the forum on the right track. :slight_smile:


Completed: 15

Cancels : 0





So I’m the worst ~X(


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: that is A LOT


27 completed

9 cancelled


I’m the worst :smiley: wooohoo

7 out of the 9 cancels were from one buyer going crazy with the orders lol!


damn right,

but taking off buyer negligence

I only have a real 2 order’s cancelled for 27 sales. (will be 29 sales be tonight)

so about 7.4%… still highest though lol.


Completed 2303

Cancelled 189 :slight_smile:


83 Completed.

1 Cancelled.

You guys have great numbers! :open_mouth:


none of my orders was cancelled. i deliver excellent service. buyers check me out today.


Reply to @sandra4service: Yeah, but how many orders have you gotten? :stuck_out_tongue:

215 orders, only 8 cancelled. People order the wrong gigs too much.


Reply to @lolacey: "Yeah, but how many orders have you gotten?"

hahaha =))


Fun thread.

344 finished

5 cancelled


Currently 9 orders, zero cancels so 0% but with a very small sample size.

Out of curiosity do cancels affect your gig or is this just a statistic in the sales manager?


Reply to @madmoo: Cool, thanks a million for the info! That’s the way I thought it would work =)


Orders: 183

Cancellations: 11

I guess that’s 6%

I’m too nice to these people!


Madmoo i will genuinely buy your 3000, just because I want to… and it’ll give me an excuse to buy your gig.