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Cancel the order


I’ve done over 40 now. Only 1 cancellation.

It was from a guy who was basically asking for a refund before he had even placed the order.

Lesson learned: if a guy uses the word refund in a private message, don’t ask him to place that order.


what’s ur fb page? I’ll like it,

mine is ■■■■■■■■■■■■/fragglesrock

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22 completed, one cancelled about an hour after ordering. Gave his address as a Palestinian refugee camp. Troll. I wonder if I can get that erased?


I had to cancel my lot of gigs due to buyers misunderstand about gig.


This hurts to read but;

2505 Completed

2613 Cancelled - 100% Buyer not reading the gig description :frowning:


Reply to @jeffmoses: Wt…haw its happened


Reply to @jeffmoses: Jeez is that a typo ?! :slight_smile:


Nope that’s my stats…

Get people submitting all sorts of junk and illegal websites :frowning: Let’s move on, tears are forming :wink:


Then again had 2505 good buyers so not losing any sleep over the others :wink:


Reply to @jeffmoses: 73completed and 23 cancelled and losted all levels, same reason like you. Buyers definitely don’t read the description :frowning:


Reply to @milos357: I have thought a lot about this but can’t think of a way to make people read the description, it’s only 1 paragraph :frowning:


Completed: 470

Canceled: 21 (Had 1 buyer order 4 gigs then said they didn’t mean to order them and asked to cancel :s )


300 Completed

55 cancelled :frowning:

1 bad feedback …

i am the worst ! i think …