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Cancelar un pedido

Hola a todos

hace 12 días inicié un pedido y aún no tengo la entraga. el vendedor me pidió más tiempo pero no he visto progreso. Cómo puedo cancelar el pedido si el vendedor no quiere aceptar.

necesito ayuda

If you want members to assist. Providing a translation for them in English is helpful.


Hello everyone

12 days ago I started an order and I still don’t have the delivery. the seller asked me for more time but I have not seen progress. How can I cancel the order if the seller does not want to accept.

I need help


Hey, @nikavoice! Great translation, girl!!! :smiley: :wink:

@julien70, if you have already requested a cancellation and the seller didn’t accept, please contact CS explaining your situation, kindly asking them to cancel the order.

Please follow this link to place your ticket Fiverr Customer Support


sorry my english… thanks you for help me

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I have used that service but the seller can refuse to agree to cancel the order. So what can i do?

@julien70, if the seller refuses to cancel, just contact CS asking them to please cancel the order.

You need to explain them why you’re asking them to cancel your order.

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simply because he has not delivered what I asked for. He gave me progress and days went by without doing anything. when I cancel then it responds and asks me for two days. I give it the 2 days and I keep waiting. then what should I do?

Hola @julien70,

Puedes tu mismo empezar una disputa por la orden. Si el vendedor no la acepta, puedes contactar al soporte para que ellos tomen una acción manual.

English Translation

Hello @ julien70,

You can start a dispute for the order yourself. If the seller does not accept, you can contact support to take manual action.


Stop asking the seller to cancel, since they have already refused to do it.

Please follow the link I provided previously. It will take you to the page where you can contact CS by placing a ticket.

This is the link Fiverr Customer Support

@optimus_seo, please edit your post adding the English translation. Otherwise, it could get flagged.

lo siento no entiendo lo que me quiere decir
sorry i don’t understand what you mean

muchas gracias optimus

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