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Cancelation and reorder

Hi again to the community. Hi have yet again another thought provoking question. If a buyer cancels an order, even if it were a mutual cancelation, can they reorder the same gig that they canceled and would the cancelation still affect the seller’s account status even though the buyer repurchased the order?

Please let me know your thoughts/experience, anyone?

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Yes to both questions.

If you don’t want a buyer to order from you again after cancelling a previous order, you can block them. This prevents them from contacting you and placing orders in the future.


Thanks for kindly replying but that’s not the answer I was really looking for. I should have been a bit more detailed I guess. I wanted to know for example if a buyer agrees to an order but for some reason was uncertain about something and canceled the order, but a couple of seconds later they decided to reorder and the seller accepts. Would the first cancelation affect the seller’s account even though the gig was repurchased?

Yes, it would. However, maybe CS would help you to make the cancellation not count against you. :thinking:


Thanks for your thoughts.

Here is another thought: Can a cancelation also affect a buyers account since fiverr heavily supports buyers?

It might be used against them if they’re getting reported and Fiverr support looks into the account, but otherwise… No. Buyers have no repercussions for cancelling orders.

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I’ve seen a buyer complaining on the forum that their account was restricted (or something like that) because they had too many cancellations.

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