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Cancelation game

Someone contacted me to commission 5 posters for their table game a week ago. It’s a strange time for bulk orders but I got a few “I always wanted to make this and now I’m on quarantine so it’s time” projects recently. Figured it was one of those.

We completed the first project full price and it went great. After discussing the remaining 4, I put together a reasonably discounted custom offer and sent it through.

It was canceled “by the buyer” 4 minutes after it was accepted. First of all, I didn’t know you can cancel something that quickly. Second of all, what does “by the buyer” even mean? Can the buyer just cancel anything they want without involving CS or myself?

Since there was one successfully completed order in the mix, I reached out to ask the guy if he changed his mind. There were zero red flags in our communication before (it was pretty fantastic, actually) so if he started to behave erratically, I’d notice. And begin to worry about the 1st order.

The buyer was super apologetic, told me he used a wrong card and fiverr glitched (whatever that means) but now everything was under control. It kind of made sense. If the card bounced, it’d explain the lightning-quick cancelation and the whole “by the buyer” thing. For some reason, though, he was unaware that the order was canceled (or pretended to be unaware).

I told him I’ll be contacting CS about the situation and if they okay it, I’ll resend the offer. CS said the buyer’s explanation was plausible and they believed it’d be safe to try again.

The second order just got canceled, via CS this time. Two days in. My first ticket is still open (I asked them to keep it open in case things go wrong again). I’ve started sketching but thankfully, didn’t spend a lot of time on it yet.

CS tells me the cancelations have nothing to do with me, the reason is the same as before - “the buyer charged the wrong payment method”. I now have $700 in canceled orders, the highest it ever been, and I have no idea what will it do to my profile.

Is it a power game of some sort? Are they using a stolen credit card or something? Are they just clueless?

The profile is full of 5* seller reviews. There were no red flags at all before the cancelations started happening. And ToS prohibits me to tell the guy I can’t afford him playing with my profile like this if he ever shows up again.


That is definitely your buyer initiating chargebacks.
If I remember correctly there is an option with PayPal or banks to say that you used the wrong card.

However I’m completely puzzled why CS took it as a legitimate reason. :woman_shrugging:

Keep us posted on what CS will say why they cancelled your second order and if you’ll receive compensation for your first cancelled order as you should.


Does it affect your order completion rate?

Huh. I didn’t know that.

Can you initiate a chargeback in 4 minutes?

2 of the orders are ca[quote=“mariashtelle1, post:2, topic:427759”]
If I remember correctly there is an option with PayPal or banks to say that you used the wrong card.

Huh. I didn’t know that. Can you initiate chargeback in 4 minutes?

There were 3 orders. The first one was completed without incident. 5* and all that. It wasn’t canceled yet but now I worry about it.

The second one was cancelled 4 minutes after it was placed. By the buyer.

The third one was cancelled 2 days after the order was placed. By customer support.

Both cancellations because the buyer “charged a wrong payment method” according to CS.

There was nothing delivered with the canceled orders because the cancellation happened too soon. The buyer’s profile is still up and is full of 5* reviews.

No, but there is a bunch of hidden metrics Fiverr uses that we don’t see and know nothing about.

Yeah, so true. And so strange. Keep us posted how this will end.

UPD: the plot thickens.


Well, then it might look legitimate :thinking: if they paid with the wrong card and asked CS to change and charge another one then there is no other option but to cancel old orders and place a new one.

So it’s still might be legit, just a person paid from the wrong card, reverted transaction on second order and asked CS about the third (but we all know how CS might sometimes not read everything properly and act too soon)

Of course you can, you just need to click a couple of buttons

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Seems a bit dodgy to me- I wouldn’t continue working for them, just block them.

I have a regular customer or two who regularly have issues with their cards.
However, it’s not them canceling and reordering thankfully, but me sending the offer, them replying and telling me to give them time to fix their card issues and then a day or more later, they accept the order, never had any such order go wrong up to now.

In any case, there obviously are people who have card issues, and since I myself have a card from a relatively new modern hip online only bank which I usually can use everywhere without problems but have issues with in some specific places only, I tend to think ‘in dubio pro reo’.

The thing with different CS people and them getting your customer wrong also doesn’t exactly sound all too outlandish.

I probably wouldn’t worry too much and just go ahead in this specific case, maybe extend the delivery time a bit if possible/needed, so you’d also have some time left for other orders that might come in from regulars and wouldn’t worry you.
And if your rate drops because of this, I’d ask support to set it right because technical issues on buyer/Fivers side.

If Fiverr’s algorithm is as smart and intricate as it should be, by the way, it should take into account things like buyer ordered, cancelled, ordered again from same seller vs. a buyer cancelling and not reordering from the same seller or even at all.

Good luck with all of this in any case!


This is what I thought. I thought: “It sounds like CS that I know”.

But then, suddenly:


I’ve had some like that too. One guy cancelled twice in a row before placing an actual order which was ok, no problems.

I think there is a bug in the payment system that’s been there a couple of months and causes cancellations as soon as someone orders.

These haven’t affected my analytics however.

I’ve had a few like this lately. They all ended up placing real, legitimate orders. I can’t believe there is a sudden flood of people all doing the same thing, cancelling then ordering again rapidly.

A couple of them indicated they had tried to order extras and couldn’t. I don’t know what was going on but the orders they did end up placing were ok, and my account wasn’t affected.


I love gaming, but cancelation game isn’t my type of gaming.


Thank you. I thought I was going crazy. Because the person doesn’t behave like your typical scammer, yet I can’t make any sense of this behavior. I’ve never even had chargebacks.

I’ll give it one more try since I have all the sketches ready and we’ll see how it goes.


So now both the buyer and CS assured me that they worked together to handle the payment issue and now everything is 100% taken care of. I sent the offer again, it’s been 24 hours and nothing is cancelled yet.

The guy is a top buyer now (he at the very least bought the same custom offer trice from me). I’m demotivated to start working on the project in case things fall through again (thankfully, there is more than enough time).

Not to contribute to the most universal complaint but I can’t find my gig in the search results now unless I use TRS filter. I used to just type “poster” in the search bar and apply no filters to see how I’m doing and while the position would change (sometimes drastically), I could always find my gig and now I can’t.

I’ll be finishing this order in 2-3 days and we’ll see where it goes.

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