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Cancelation of a gig with an open order

Hello guys, I want some clarification on a gig issue. So I created a gig some days ago and it created a significant traffic of viewers who were impressed by the gig. It got 4 orders and I barely finished none after the gig was pulled down by Fivver because of their genuine reason. However, the gig is on the “DENIED” section with the open orders and I’m still working on them. So my question is, once I get done with orders, will my clients be able to rate my services on the newly amended gig?

Let’s be sure of the comments we give:)

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No idea. I am surprised they removed it while orders were active and really don’t know what to tell you other than to contact support and see what they tell you to do. It wouldn’t be fair to you is this somehow came back to hurt your rating and business.

thank you, I have already done that. while I wait for the feedback, we can still discuss it in the forum for the better of others who might experience the same in future :slight_smile: