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Cancelation order on first order, Is it fair?

Hi i got my first order but my customer could not express what he wanted well, and if he was not happy, I said that he could cancel the order, but I wanted to continue. When he wanted to cancel the order, I refused because I had a new project and it was good. Then he asked me to cancel. I cancelled but i think this is mostly due to the customers not being able to express themselves well, but this impresses me. Is it fair what should i do ?


If your customer is not happy and you don’t cancel, you are quite likely to receive a negative review, which will affect you in a even worse way. Moreover, after publishing the negative review, they can still request the cancellation to Customer Support, and you would find yourself with both the negative review and the cancelled order.

If you want my honest opinion, if your buyer is not happy with the outcome, you should probably just agree to cancel it.

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I cancelled after he asked but i think it’s not fair for my profile is there nothing to do?

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If you worked at a job and your boss didn’t like something you did would say, “Okay boss, don’t pay me for that hour.” No. We don’t freelance to let people mistreat us for reviews.

You don’t let people exploit or mistreat you just to avoid a bad review. No successful business operates that way.


Apart from the fact that no one mentioned being exploited or mistreated in this thread, the argument is quite debatable as working for a company and being a freelancer is two completely different thing.

If your buyers are happy with the result they won’t cancel. Satisfied or reimbursed: this is how successful business operate.

Next time, make sure your buyers requirements are clear, and deliver something to make the customer happy about the purchase.

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If a seller is not paid for their work because of a buyer’s folly, they buyer is mistreating the seller.

If the work is not what the buyer wants because they didnt communicate it to the seller properly properly and they expect the seller to be unpaid for the time they spent, they are mistreating the seller.

How on earth is expecting unpaid labor not mistreatment?

No one should go unpaid for something they didn’t do wrong. Ever.

It makes me sad how many sellers defend working unpaid as if it will help them in the long run. It won’t.

No successful freelancer lets people get away with not paying them. None.


i was told of a situation where a friend of mine worked for a small firm who was commissioned by a farm to make a bridge. his boss wasn’t happy with the way the work was going. if i’m correct, he was paid for that day, but was told that he had to finish the bridge on his own time, and that his boss didn’t want to put his name to the work, so he wouldn’t be paid to finish the bridge. another friend said a similar thing happened to them. i suppose they could have just arranged to be paid privetly by the farmer, maybe, but i don’t know. presumably the farmer paid the “firm”, and then his boss paid his workers, so i don’t know what or who the farmer wound up paying

i agree with everything you’ve said though. assuming what the OP said is correct, they should absolutely be paid. the buyer is the guy who goes to a restaurant, orders a meal, eats the whole meal and then complains that the meals was inedible. what’s worse is that this is the sellers first order, so they are disproportionally effected. not fair at all

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So you promised something and when the client decided to take you on your word you decided not to provide what you promised (cancellation in this case) and now you are unhappy that client decided to use cancellation that you promised? :thinking:

It may not seem fair, but it does happen, and thankfully cancellations drop off from your stats after 60 days. There might not be anything you can do to keep it from ever happening again–I’ve had people accidentally order, accidentally order twice, I’ve even had one I suspect was heavily influenced by many beverages of an intoxicating nature. LOL It happens.

But this may be a case where you can learn from it in order to improve your own gig. Did you ask enough questions when the order was placed? Did you ask the right questions in order to make sure your buyer’s expectations were clear?

When you created the requirements section of your gig, did you ask these questions, and did you mark them as essential, NOT-optional? In other words, when a buyer selects your gig and reaches the page where they have to submit their requirements, you can make it so they HAVE to answer the questions on that page before they can proceed. They’ll get an error message if they try to proceed without filling out your requirements.

It’s not fool-proof in every case, but hopefully it will help to minimize a lack of communication or confusion when the order is first placed.

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That was not the point. When I told him that he could cancel the order if he was unhappy, I said that also I didn’t want it and wanted to try again. Then i worked until the morning and saw the rejection request without delivering it. I wanted him to make decision after he looked at the project that i sent.
The point is the style in the samples he sent me was different, and the style of their purchases was different. I showed him the elements that made up that style and asked which ones he would like to use. I asked the same questions several times. But i could not get an exact answer. He wrote in the description while canceling my order: She can’t do it. I don’t think I can’t. I think he can’t explain himself well. I worked all night until morning and I refused to cancel it so that I could keep my promise and see what I had done because it was not my fault.

Thank you for helping. Best wishes… :pray: :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping. Best wishes… :slight_smile: :pray:

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it might make some problems. But be patient.

Thank you for your support

Thank you for your support… Best wishes…