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Cancelation rate

Hi everyone,

Recently I have received quite a lot of orders of people who don’t read the description and order $5 expecting a product worth $20 or $40.

At first, I just cancelled the orders, but my cancellation rate is already at 5%, and I don’t want it to go up.

Do you have a policy on your gigs to protect against this? Is Fiverr helping in any way? How can we be safe against this type of buyers?

What ends up happening is that I deliver their product at such a discounted price because I don’t want another cancellation.

I also tell very clearly in my description that you must contact me first before ordering, but some people just don’t read it.

Let me know your thoughts about this,



In these cases, you can request the buyer about the extra funds as needed. If not then you can cancel the order. I have to do this often because of the same reason. People expect $50 job for $5.

When they accept the cancellation it doesn’t affect your ratings. It only shows up on the analytics for the records.

Although I would like to ask some experienced sellers what happens when buyers just do not respond to the cancellation request and it is cancelled anyway.

Well, when you you receive an order and they request more from you and didn’t pay for the cost of it then bring it to their attention. Make it clear in your gig description that $5 only does a certain thing and that Gig extras need be ordered for more.

For instance my gigs for videos states 30 seconds of video for $5 and its another gig cost per 30 seconds, a gig cost for me to write the script… etc…

  1. Add this to your description and then you can inform them in that situation that normally you charge extra for the extra work… give them an option to fix it or you will stick with the $5 order and adjust it accordingly for them to the $5 level.

    put the ball in their court for it. This gives them a choice and chances are they will pay the extra for you.

  2. Another option is to do the work then make it clear when you deliver that normally you charge extra for the excess service and they are getting it at the price they ordered. BUT if they order again you request they pay normal price and from there you can discuss return customer discounts.

    I usually do #2 and get some good repeat customers that way. and sometimes they will tip you for the extra in the end. ((especially now that fiverr added tipping)

Reply to @kay2809:

It turns to mutual cancelation

I believe the cancelation rate is useful to become a top rated seller, so I’m very interested in having it as low as possible.

I try to negotiate with the buyers, but often they say that they will only pay $5 or $10 and they want a product worth a lot more.

Are there any other ways the cancelation rate affects sellers other than going up levels?

Thank you for your response,


Reply to @marcodrp: I don’t believe your cancellation ratio is especially important when looking at levels. When I was promoted to TRS, my cancellation rate was around 12%.

Absolutely nothing happens if they don’t respond- after 3 days pass it gets cancelled automatically. The buyer has to actively reject the cancellation if they want to do that. And the cancellation rate is meaningless- has no effect on ratings at all thankfully.

I have the same problem: they didn’t read, or “do not know” how to order the

extras… sometimes it is really offensive…