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Cancelation rate :(


This is so frustrating, buyers don’t read the gig description carefully and day make orders with us so we are obliged to cancel and that’s hurting my rate.

like it’s not the sellers fault, why should the seller get a bad cancelation rate just because buyers don’t care to read ???

asked to contact me first, but nobody does that, they just submit orders they don’t care.

I really don’t like it :frowning:

is there a solution anybody

but the cancelation rate keep going up and all my cancelation are mutual

see the attached picture

all buyers who wanted cancelation we did a mutual cancelation

Does that percentage really affect sellers in any way? I just see it as another statistic for us to analyze our sales. I couldn’t imagine it having a negative impact on gigs, if so, that’s bizarre.

Onlinedzshop: Having looked at one of your gigs, the description looks good, but if you want buyers to contact you before ordering, you might want to indicate that somewhere in the gig description. Something like “Please contact me before ordering” at the top of your description might help.

I have run out of ways to avoid the fact that buyers don’t read, a very few buyers actually follow my instructions despite the fact i have very clear requirements. People NEVER read period.

Yes this is a problem I keep facing. I have clearly asked buyers to contact me before ordering in my gig description. However some buyers do not read the descriptions at all or are simply in a hurry to get their projects done. I had an extremely unfortunate incident where a buyer took me for some other seller and directly placed an order. When I requested for more information, he cancelled the order and gave me a negative review.

A simple solution I believe is to give the seller an opportunity to accept the order. There can be an option to automatically accept orders from certain buyers or buyers who have contacted the seller previously in the past few days. However unsolicited orders can have an option to be accepted or rejected rather than going through the cancellation process which is tedious and time consuming and as in my case can lead to negative reviews. Another option can be to have a setting in the sellers profile that can prompt each buyer with a note saying that the sellers does not accept unsolicited orders and it is best to contact seller before ordering. Another option can be to give the seller an option to disable direct ordering and permit ordering only through Custom Offers.

Mutual cancellation will not affect your profile in any way. Cancellation ratio showing in profile is just for an IDEA.

yes it is annoying i had one buyer actually cancel twice even after he told me he would not cancel and fiverr has him cancelling twice even though he was one person. They still have him cancelling twice. Then a few days ago a guy orders one of my extras then i guess he realized he did not need the extra then he cancels. I feel canceling should not affect your rating the ony thing that should affect your rating are bad reviews hopefully fiverr will take this into account when they have a new version of fiverr.

I do have a question to related this. what happens when the circle of Positive reviews and negative review circle is completed ? In analytics. Thank you


Yes, Its a problem that i faced past, if we (buyer and me) mutually cancel order its also effects on my cancellation rato.

I agree . I do not know also why buyers order without reading full and then cancel the order which increases our cancellation rate . It is really dam man .

I really think they should allow sellers the option. To contact first before they can actually or the gig. This would eliminate the issue on complicated gigs where people order before looking. I personally always contact the seller before ordering to try to clear up any issues.

@onlinedzshop: There must be some confusion. I looked at your first 2 gigs, the white board video and gun intro video, nowhere in the gig description does it say to contact you first. So which gig are you having problems with?

Technically a buyer dose not have to contact a seller first, gigs cost $5 and a buyer can come along and just pay. Though many sellers request that in their gig description and many buyers do honor that request. Some sellers put it right up top and highlight it in yellow, maybe you should do that if this happens to you often.

I did it before and no one cared about it, so I removed it to have more room for extra details about the gig

Reply to @onlinedzshop: yes, but you should have that in there and just tighten up your gig description. Get rid of the line that says “now including vocieovers” or whatever it was in the whiteboard. That’s an extra anyway.

You came here saying people were buying and not contacting you and that it was clear, but it is not even there. And this shouldn’t happen that often. If it does, then rewrite the gig…what kind of issues are you actually having? Are they wanting more work and are not ordering the gigs? What is the problem with the orders coming in if they do not contact you first? And is this happening on one gig more often than others?

Reply to @sincere18: hi thanks for your replys

the problemes I have like this one buyer who didn’t read the gig description and made a 5$ order and sent me a script with over 1000 words and also wanted voiceover

that should cost at least 60$ but he didn’t bother to read and he’s from the USA.

another seller asked for animations that I can’t do and I never mentionned them on my gig, it was clear with samples and description that it’s a whiteboard animation gig, he wanted me to draw him and make him move and talk o.O

and staff like this…

it does not actually happen with all the gigs, just the whiteboard animation gig