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Canceled a gig and the seller has released the money back to me, now how do I get it out of my acct?


I can see the money just sitting in the acct, but can’t find an option to withdraw it… what do I do? I don’t want to have just lost this money forever…


You cannot withdraw your money but i assure you that you did not loose it, find someone capable of handling the job & place an order with your balance.

TIP: Always contact a seller and discuss/agree to what you want before placing an order, this would help in getting the job done not a cancellation.


@arewatech - Not always the case. (Regarding your always contact seller tip).

For higher volume sellers, having everyone contact you before ordering adds hours of work and confusion. Let’s say you sell 25-30 or 50 gigs a day. Using your policy, on top of the gigs themselves you’d have 25-30 - 50 messages every day before a gig was ordered. Trust me, it get’s confusing and mistakes are made. At 50 sales a day, if everyone messaged first, that would make around 150 notifications/messages each and every day.

The key is to read the gig carefully. Only message if you don’t understand something, or if the gig is worded badly.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Seriously… how many people here manage to sell 30-50 gigs per a day (all the time, not just once)? But I see your point, I’m just confused, I thought most people make a lot less.


You’d be surprised at how many sellers do high volumes. I’d guess about 20% of all Fiverr sellers do more than a few gigs a day. I hover around 15-35. 7 days a week.

But, even 7 or 8, things would get confusing. Especially with the Fiverr V2.

I’ve been using it for quite a while now and it’s still nowhere near as easy as the original.