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Canceled an order


So this is my first December here at Fiverr. It’s been good so far I’ve been lucky. But this morning something sort of terrifying happened.

A couple of days ago I was messaged about if he gave me a file would I be able to make a different design but the same. We decided on a price, a not expensive price because he complained about the first price I quoted. Once the order started he didn’t give me any more information. He’s in Singapore I’m in the US so we were basically on different schedules. I could not respond within an hour to him. He started messaging me why wasn’t I answering him and do I have this or not. It was not late. I still had time. Then finally he asked for animation. That’s when I decided to cancel. He was very rude in the way he was messaging me and it was constant. So I canceled it. Then all hell broke loose. He called me a b****, a loser, he went to my instagram and began messaging me about my children. Went to my website and was sending me messages about personal information about myself. I asked him to move on, I stopped responding and he said for me to admit I am wrong and he will stop.

I have yet to hear back from Fiverr. I did report him. But I am beginning to think nothing will be done. It was pretty terrifying. Not sure of what to do next? Kind of discouraging. Everything was going ok. :woman_shrugging:


I’ve been harassed for not responding quickly enough as well. When it comes to the delivery time, I think it is very important for buyers to understand that they are not obligated to receive the final product until the clock reaches 0:00:00. It sounds like to me that it was the right choice to cancel as he wasn’t being cooperative.

I never expect to hear back from Fiverr after these incidents. I’ve had my share of equally scary experiences and those buyers’ accounts still exist and they WILL do it to other people. Soon, you’ll probably have really good and generous clients come along who will remind you why you’re here and definitely make up for all the crap you’ve gone through with those rude buyers!

If he continues, continue to report him for both spam and inappropriate language. Maybe you’ll get some help eventually. Nevertheless, I wish you the best luck!!


Wow thank you so much for you response! I am having a really hard time with this and I am not sure as to why. It reminded me of why I dislike selling online. And yes there are very good buyers out there who do say thank you and remind me why I do it. But yea it’s very discouraging knowing that he gets to continue. What is crazy is that in 8 years of freelancing illustrations it is the first time I have ever canceled on anyone! I know it’s hard to believe but my gut wouldn’t let it go. But thank you again for your response I am very grateful.


My first cancellations/bad review(s) were very tough and gave me a lot of anxiety. I always reassure myself that if it were to affect anything, it would at least make me look a bit more experienced and let prospective buyers know that I’ve dealt with a lot of different clients. It will happen but it is part of business and it does get a little easier too. Keep up the good work! You’re welcome, it’s no problem!


Omg! It’s like you’re reading my mind! December is always tough on me and this morning thinking about my orders it gave me so much anxiety. I am diagnosed with depression and let’s just say it’s not a good day. So your replies are right on with what’s going on for me right now. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to reply! It’s something I struggle with but had been doing ok. And it sort of triggered something for me. So you’re right I just have to keep going and it is experience!


Fiverr can’t do anything about the things he does outside of Fiverr, but you can easily report him on Instagram (that kind of behavior is definitely not allowed there), and I guess that you can block him on your website, too.

As for messages on Fiverr, keep reporting each inappropriate message via the report button. If you haven’t done so already, make screenshots of his inappropriate messages and send them to Fiverr’s Customer Support (Trust & Safety), and ask them for help. Hopefully they’ll do something about him.


same happen to me I am so mush afraid what can I do every time buyer add new require meant I already revision it 5 time but can continue same thing…


Hi! Yes I know about them not being able to control him outside of Fiverr. But I still would expect them to at least take his page down at least not make it so easy for him. But I guess they don’t care. But yes i screenshot everything reported every message and reported the whole thing in entirety. They said they would forward it to trust and safety but I never heard anything past that. I just see his name inessages and the light saying he’s online. Which is irritating. Just wish it was taken more seriously I guess. Because it was constant messaging me telling me to admit I was wrong and then he would stop. It was pretty intense. :woman_shrugging:


It might take them some time. Someone mentioned that it took 2-3 months after the report for the Trust & Safety team to remove the user.

Another thing that might happen is that they won’t remove that user, but send him an official warning first, and ban him only if he keeps doing that after the warning(s). Due to their Privacy Policy, they are not able to tell you about the action they took, so, if they warn him, you’ll never know about it unless he starts harassing you about that warning.

Good luck with your Fiverr career, I hope you’ll enjoy your time here and that trouble buyers will be rare (and won’t mention your family again)! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m a buyer on fiverr, how will I refund my deposited money if my seller is failed to fullfill my needs and requirements and I cancel my order with him/her?


Here you go! :slightly_smiling_face: