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Canceled Completed Order!

About 8 days ago, I got an order for a logo design… He told me every thing about how he wanted his logo to look like… I designed a 4 versions and send him to choose. He said to give him some thing in 3d (beveled and with shadow)… I did. This time He asked me to do some revisions. After these revisions he said he liked the very first version that I send him. So he asked me to change some thing on this 1st version… I did

When every thing is done.

He simple said he wants to cancel the order because he is not getting what he wants…

Tell me

How can I cancel that order when I give a lot of time on it for 4$… He said he 'll go to customer support. after 2days customer support canceled that order and refunded the buyer… :frowning:

Fiverr CS didn’t even contact me or any thing else.

I request Customer Support to listen to both in future and then decide what to do…


You must be the one to reach out to Customer Support with your complaint. If all they are hearing is the buyer’s side of the story, then it is your responsibility to tell them yours. Be sure to include a screenshot of the ongoing conversation you had with your buyer when you file a support ticket.

Best of luck to you.


I had a completed order canceled and buyer was refunded two months later!

Sorry to hear of your situation!

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I have had a similar battle only last week. I managed to get the horrendous feedback deleted but was never paid.

I had done so much work and dedicated a whole evening to that job and wasn’t paid a single penny for it.

Kissreviews is right, we need to be more vocal with Customer Services and let them know that the Sellers are not happy about the vulnerability placed on them.

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this is sad, then buyers complain we sellers dont offer previews or demo of our work.

Me personally , talk to the buyer before starting to work on the gig , i try to make everything clear to meet their needs and even before they order i present to them a quick demo or picture with watermark. If they like it or not we talk about it and move on.

No need to cancel any order, this is what i do and i like to do.

Here is why, i once ordered a gig, the buyer didnt send a demo or anything of what he was working on, gave me the product and i did not like it at all. This was back when i started fivver.

when its a logo it gets tricky , i would tell the buyer to send me a doodle or an image as reference so i can have an idea of what they really want.

That way we dont waste anyones time .

If they still dont like it , then i did a poor job or they are just that kind of people that no matter how hard you work they think they are kings and deserve a rainbow for breakfast.

<3 Biancha.


The truth is, some buyers request one very very specific thing and then when it’s finished they say they want something completely different.

He has no right to cancel just because he doesn’t like it, even after several revisions. It’s rude and it doesn’t make sense.

One suggestion: don’t offer unlimited revisions. Say clearly how many revisions per order you can do, and if he wants more ask for buying extra gig.

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Reply to @biancha: To be honest, sending demos can take a lot of time. Doing free samples isn’t worth it for everyone. And some buyers simply don’t know what they want…

I agree with most of what you said, communication, doodles, everything clear - but just because they don’t like what they wanted doesn’t mean they should get full refund, I think :confused:

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Reply to @ynneblack: yeah , i understand.

not everyone has time for demos, but for people who have the time and want to expand their portfolio, its a win win situation. You dont like it? ok , now i got something to show if someone wants a similar piece of art etc.


Reply to @misscrystal: This comes directly from the Fiverr Terms of Service, which we all, buyers and sellers, agree to when we join:

:black_medium_small_square:Order cancellations (when eligible) can be performed by customer support only up to a period of 10 days from order completion date. We will not be able to cancel orders after that time.

Whoever cancelled the order (presumably someone in the customer support department) was WRONG to cancel a completed order and refund the buyer 2 months after delivery. And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen someone complain about this…that’s why I looked it up. I don’t know how long ago this happened to you, but no matter what, if this happens again, I would fire off a complaint to CS, pointing out that FIVERR is breaking FIVERR’s TOS whenever they cancel an order after 10 days! Sellers are abused by the system too many times, so we have to stand firm when we know we have the rules on our side.

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Reply to @biancha: that’s true. :slight_smile: It may be useful for someone who just gets started.

Reply to @ynneblack: I think you are right I should not offer unlimited revisions. Yet every thing was clear and the buyer was happy with every thing till the end when he suddenly said he want to cancel…

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Thanks Guys, I 'll be careful next time…

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hi i got same situation before a day. I did made a image tracing for buy in 8 hours. he did like and told me some little modification, i did it. he said now deliver order. then he tipped me $10 with $5. I was happy to see my progress of work. after 10 days he came again and gave me another logo order in 2 days but i made in a day. he liked logo design and said he want like this logo design. then i deliver order in $ 5. after getting his logo design delivery he did canceld his first order. I’m just surprised. I’m too disappointed about my buyer.

Are both of your order canceled? If so, then most likely it’s a Paypal dispute which is common on Fiverr nowadays.

If he just canceled the first order after marking it complete then the order must be canceled by the Fiverr support. You should submit a ticket for this to know what’s the reason for this cancelation.

even then, CS says, they cannot force a buyer to accept the order… you cannot do anything about it… buyers are kings of fiverr…

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yes i think so… thanks

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fiverr said this cancellation is from buyer.

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If both orders are canceled at a time then it’s a Paypal dispute and you can’t do anything in this case, ever Fiverr support will not support you in this case.

only first order canceled.

Then you must have to contact the support to know its reason. Your buyer reported against the order after giving you a review and tip.