Canceled Gig for no valid reason



So my translating gig was canceled after months of work and almost 20 orders because I edited it to accept physical shipping of my translations and fiverr apparently decided it was not possible for my gig and that it was a reason to cancel it permanently (the hell ?), leaving me absolutely NO chance to edit it back to how it was (no physical shipping).

So, I am kindly asking to fiverr to activate my Translating gig again, because I did absolutely nothing wrong, and I don’t want to create a brand new translating gig with absolutely no feedback, please, I don’t want to start over from zero or have to change to another website.




and how were you planning to ship a “translation” !!!


catwriter : Thank you for answering for me, it seemed logical to me but I guess it wasn’t.; A customer asked me if I could ship a big translation to the place he would be in a few weeks because he wouldn’t have access to internet, so I decided to try the option provided by fiver… guess I was wrong.

kjblynx : I see. I had found this support page but I haven’t found the link to contact directly the support anywhere, so I thought the “Ranting” section was where I was supposed to talk about the problem that I’m having with the website. I also saw someone else complaining about their canceled gig so I posted my problem too.
I must be dumb but I still don’t find any email address or page where I can contact a support member and talk about my issue… could you explain to me where exactly in the support section I can contact them ? Sorry for troubling you.

EDIT : Ah, I hadn’t seen that I was supposed to sign in to the customer support part of the site even though I already had an account on fiverr. Thanks for your help my friend, I’ll try that then.


The customer service answered and my gig has been restored… I will never change anything in my gig again, they can be sure of that… I just think it’s a pity the sellers have to watch their every move, no matter how little, on this website. Denied gigs should be allowed to be edited in these kinds of situations :frowning: . Anyway, thanks for your answers everyone, and good luck in the future :slight_smile: .


Reply to @williamsp: By printing the translation out and then shipping it to the address provided by the buyer.


Reply to @lumenalba: Support page > click on Submit a request, top right

Until the Support sorts it out, if that customer still wants to work with you, you can ask them if they want you to send them a custom offer. That way you can calculate the price of shipping and the time it would need to reach them without “officially” adding the shipping option.


Reply to @catwriter: Yep, I had just found it, but thanks anyway. I hadn’t thought about the custom order function, I’ll try that, see if it works; Thanks again :). I hope the customer support will activate my gig again, I’m a bit distraught since fiverr is my sole source of revenue these days :frowning: .


Reply to @catwriter: I make you very good deal, only $200, top quality ship! Translation quality may vary.