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Canceled Gigs Should Not Count Against Seller!


I’ve brought this up before, and I’m still against canceled gigs counting against the seller. I just had yet another person order my book trailer gig without reading the description. I have stated that I am only doing videos for books, but this person wants a video for a service.

Now I have to cancel this order, even though it is the buyer’s fault for not reading the gig description.

Can we have something done about this, please???


I agree overall, but I’m not sure about number 4. Fiverr already mentions this in their TOS, saying that “personal taste” is not a valid reason to reject an order/get a refund. If a product is created exactly the way the seller has explained it would be, then the seller has done his/her job and earned the commission. Most sellers (myself included) will gladly work with the buyer to get what he/she needs.

So a mutual cancellation based on personal taste should not (in my opinion) result in a negative mark on the seller’s end.

But yes, I agree with your other points.


Reply to @goodgift: I agree :slight_smile:


Reply to @kjblynx: I think the option to cancel if the seller does not deliver according to their gig description should be added, although there may be some debate about its interpretation and the seller is not likely to agree to that reasoning. (And it is quite dangerous to leave it up to the buyer alone).